Walking In A New Direction

I want to wish all a Merry Christmas first of all this is a special time all month not just one day.

I live in the greater Chicago area with my family and the holiday season has always been some what of a task for me, as I”m sure it is for everyone else too. As I was preparing the holiday meal on Christmas Eve and around the house cleaning and such I began to feel very much overwhelmed and filled with so much sadness. I just couldn’t shake the down trodden feeling I had but this was going to be a night I will never forget. I was sitting on the sofa then tears began to well up in my eyes and I ran to the other room and opened up the window.
I heard a voice say to me no you will not do this to yourself. As I was looking up in the sky as the snow was falling down I just began to praise God fervently and thanking him for the wonderful gift he gave this world so many years ago. I just poured my heart out and released.

Later that night after I had put away things and could finally breath something touched me deeply. I was watching this ministry special on television on a christian network and what the pastor said opened up my ears my eyes were opened to some truths I couldn’t see.
I had been severely depressed because it was another holiday I had no money to give anyone gifts and I just felt like it was so unfair for me to go through this. This isn’t just about me but others were going through much worse and I was blessed in ways I never could see before. GOD showed me how wealthy I am in spirit with family friends and how he blessed me with a kind heart and the ability to reach out to others. God showed me how I AM RICH beyond measure in how I prosper in so many other ways. This made me realize what I had been missing for so long. As they say sometimes we walk blind and can’t see the forest for the trees. I was shown that my gift to my family is my cooking cause they want it look forward to it and love how the food taste that I prepare. I felt frustrated was sleep deprived from being up so early and thought all my work was just in vain. I was given divine revelation of what is it I contribute to others. God also took me to times when I helped friends make it through and how he has never once forgotten me and I should continue to hold on cause the harvest is beginning for me to reap. I just began to weep with joy and smiled and felt like everything that had me bound feeling sorrowful lost abandoned left me for good. So you could say I received a Christmas present from my Heavenly Father on Christmas Eve. The next day I was granted a financial blessing that I was wasn’t even expecting. God moves in mysterious ways and we should never forget who he is the power he has and the power he gives us. I want you all to know that staying steadfast in prayer giving him praise through all accounts is what makes our lives that much better. I walk in light and i want to share my good news with others and hear others speak about the beauty of what god has done for them. I pray that you all continue to grow and flourish in the word and in your lives daily. BE BLESSED.

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  1. wonderful testamony. Be blessed.

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