Many people on this web sight know I have a deliverance minestry and I have written 2 books.I have a huge heart wanting people to get free because their bound by some type of torment.Well I have been hearing great reports of salvations,restorations,healings and people coming bacl to Christ through my minestry but to day I just recieved the biggest out pour of hatred from a person that I was in shock about.With my minestry reashing out to satanist and witches I knew I would be hated by them but this e mail I recieved to day was from another christian.According to this christian that hasnt ever read my testimoney said you have no idea what its like to struggle every day with a sex addiction and you have no idea what your doing in life.Your wanting to help people when you have no idea what I am going through or others and you have written 2 books but you and your minestry dont realize you are nothing but only Christ can deliver any one.So quit trying to care and love people that have problems when you havent faced what our problems are………….This really hurt me and I was surprised because one thing I stress to other christians is Micah 6:8 God said he requires his people to walk in humilty.I really wanted to ask this person why so hateful towards me and my minestry and have you ever gone to my comment page or have youever seen the the guest book page to where people feel blessed knowing that some one like me is willing to love them.I was really surprised also because on my web sight is allot of scriptures that point out the power and authority we have in Christ.I also was deeply hurt because both of my books have brought several restorations to people and salvations and I am the first one to admit that I am nothing with out Christ and my books are meaning less if some one has no interest in Christ but it just shocks me that through all the pain and heartache I have been through in life it wasnt a satanist or an occultist that attacks me and my minestry but a person that claims I know nothing.I have given my time,fiances,and every part of me to help people discover the love of Christ and this person found no value in me or my minestry.See I realize I cant please every one and I realize there are  many christiansthat feel reaching out to Satanist and those in the occult is a waste of time,but please hear this,if any one thinks this or that person is awaste of time study the scriptures about hell because God doesnt want any one there and it is going to be so dreadful that we cant imagine so please realize that even though this person verballey attacked me and my minestry we still must walk in love and pour our hearts out in prayer for those that walk in ignorance or those that hate Christ.Thanks for reading this Tim

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