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a few months ago i came home to find my family gone, my wife had taken our son and moved home with her parents. I was very upset and very lost, but had grew up in church and had turned from God for over 7 years. This was a wake up call when i had ignored all the others.  She filed for divorce and wont speak to me.  I dont even know the real reason she left. We were having arguements the last few months for the dumbest things.  Somehow the devil convinced her I was going to hurt her, something i would never do. This fear has taken control of her, running her entire life.  It was my failure for not taking care of her, not yielding to the spirit and giving my family to the lord. pray with me


lord and savior forgive me for my sins, for being disobedient, for my unbelief. Wash me in the blood as i have been washed in the water.  Save my family lord, let satan not have power over your holy union. Lift this fear from her that she see the love of the lord, that she feel safe in your arms, and trust in the vow she made.  let her not be lost into the world, let this trial bring for a great union with you as the guide.  let not our son grown up without his father. thank you and praise you mighty lord, in Jesus name i pray. Amen

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    I am going through the same thing: I ALSO LEFT MY HUSBAND…Like your wife, i was convinced that my husband didn’t really love me. My husband told me on monday that he is filing for divorce. Satan convinced me that we were not meant to be together. Unfortunately, i was unfaithful to my husband and therefore satan had a tremendous grasp on my family through me. I LIKE YOU, had grown up knowing the Lord, I had accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour years ago and I–LIKE YOU–went far away from the Lord and failed to pray for my marriage and my family. I spoke divorce into my marriage. The man that i had been unfaithful to my husband with is also married and he and i had had an affair for five years before i met my husband.

    My words to you are not intended to cause you any more pain or put thoughts into your head regarding your wife. i only noted them because I AM SUFFERING FOR MY PAST SINS….I have repented my sins to the Lord, I have been washed clean by the blood of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    BUT LIKE YOU–I AM WAITING ON THE LORD!! I will join with you in prayer that your wife will see the error of her ways through forgiveness in the Lord.

    Please recall Mark 11:24-“Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall be granted you.”

    We both know that the Lord does not want families to be separated. I am going through this valley with you as well. We can hold tight to the promise of the Lord that through HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! Nothing is too hard for the LORD!! Pray for your wife that she will find salvation and in this time the Lord will work on you so that you may forgive her.

    I lift up your family in the name of the Lord that your wounds will be healed. I pray for a restoration of your marriage and your family. In the name of Jesus I ask that the Lord send his angels to guard your wife from those who speak divorce into your marriage. I pray that the Lord will preserve the love in her heart for you. I pray that your wife will be healed and that the Lord will forgive her.



    • cowrevenge says:

      St John 14:11-13

      AND whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

      Ask with belief in Him, and He WILL do. there is no question of it, its His promise. But you must keep belief in Him. I believe my family family will be whole.

      This trial of ours, is to our benefit! The marriage that will result will be whole and truly a testament to God’s grace. It wont be a question of will he/she be home after work, what was he/she doing this after noon. It will be thank you Jesus for all that you have done for me. There will be trust and comfort. We saw the signs, and ignored them because we had to come this far to get a true place in the eyes of God. Remember Mathew 9:16-17 and Matthew 10:37

  2. cowrevenge says:

    church has never really said anything about curses to me, but i seem very similar issues with my wife’s mom and my wife. To the end that if her mom wasn’t around things would be very different. I don’t wish anything bad to her, in fact i wish she would get better, She just sits in a house and yells about people, doesn’t every leave. Exactly what they have convinced my wife to do now. It was this life that my wife wanted me to take her away from, and she just stepped right back into when things got rough. I get confused when my wife said she dint want to be her mom, but is mirroring her actions now. They both sit in that house and never leave. I know my wife wont stay like that, its not in her nature, she never would have left if it was. But somehow it seemed safe to her. I’m just not sure what to pray for.

    dear heavenly father, in the precious name of Jesus the Christ and healer, glory glory hallelujah, holy holy is the savior and healer, help my wife be closer to you, to break free and come home to joyful christian home. Amen. I believe you will take care of me lord, Thank you

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Brother, there is a thing called an internal vow. When we vow to not be like our parents, for example, we open the door for all the familiar spirits that bind them to bind us. I believe it is God’s way of bringing us to a place of humbling… having to acknowledge that we cannot do anything of ourselves. It is only by God’s grace that we can break free, and not our own will power. If we can forgive them and love them, we can move on past what they became. Until your wife does that, she will be bound by the forces that bind her family, to the best of my understanding…. I hope this helps.

  3. cowrevenge says:


  4. cowrevenge says:

    today i found faith in healing, through simply prayer of faith my aching tooth of many months has gone away. Before i had simply tried to ignore it or put things in it make the pain stop. I told myself God took the pain away this way. But today, i wanted to know the true healing, i brushed my teeth of all outside influence and within in hours the pain returned. That is when i said my prayer, i knew only God would have any affect on it now. At first i was still hurting, but I hadn’t fully accepted His healing power. So I kept telling myself He has healed Me. And then without even noticing, the pain was gone. Praise His holy name, Jesus Christ the savior and the healer.

    I cant tell you what prayer i used, because I’m not really sure what it was, only that its belief that will heal.

    May God bless everyone that spoke with me and prayed with me, continue to remember my family in prayer.

  5. cowrevenge says:

    dear heavenly father, forgive me of my sins and bring me the salvation of Jesus Christ and your promise of the holy spirit to guide me, i know you will take care of everything since I accepted you as my savior, praise be to your glorious name and the wonders of your works, i know i was unworthy but the blood of Jesus brings me garments of white and I will shine for you. Lord i seek the comfort of your unmoving words in my heart. I weep in sorrow longing to know I am one of your. I see the moon and the flowers but still feel so alone. I feel the devil wants no one to talk to me, and talks away every comfort i find. Its this belief that no one wants me that prevents me from salvation, lord i need help as Thomas did, In Jesus holy name i pray, Amen.

  6. cowrevenge says:

    lord help me see your word as truth, nothing in vain or of lust but what your promise, bring the holy spirit to my life, baptized of water 3 months ago but cant hear your voice inside me. i gave everything i know to give, this heart you speak of doesn’t understand what else to do.

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