Wages of sin

My dad was in the koreon war,in the tank dividion,after he came home,later I was born. well, by the time I was about 10 years old,dad would come home from work,sit in the kitchen,and drink until he was mean as a snake,then soon he would fight with my mother,I have seen him grab her by her ears and slam the back of her head through the glass of the kitchen window. She would leave for awhile and soon come back,few weeks later all over again,one christmas day he came after her at his daddy’s house,and my mother broke a gun stock over his head,he went down on one knee and stood up,the blood flying and came after her and me. We ran and never went back,He stood in front of a bar one night and dared God to strike a tree with lightning, lightning hit the tree and burned all night,scared everyone in the bar,except dad,he dared him to do it again. 5 years later he died with stomach lining full of holes. I straight wired my first car at 15, drank and caused much damage,loss my licences twice before I was 17. been shot at at least once,threated to beat up a holiness preacher and his family at 16,with ropes tied around my fist, I say this to show no matter how low down we get God can still find mercy if we will accept it, I;m affraid for many,such as my dad,and others it is also very easy to listen to satan and before they know it,time and chances are up. Its appointed us once to die and after that the judgement. we must make our calling and election sure. while we can,God;s Spirit will not always strive with man. Except the Spirit draweth(call) no man can be saved. Today is the day of salvation,there is no promise of tomorrow. Call on the Lord while he may be found..

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