W.O.W. A generation of wraiths.

World of Warcraft(W.O.W) is a multiplayer, online, role playing Game in which players generate a fantasy character through which they enter a virtual world filled with occult symbolism, magic, monsters and mystery. It currently has 10 million users around the world.
It is creating a generation of wraith like shadows who formerly were known as our children.
Never before has there been such a sustained spiritual attack upon our young people as there is at the present time.

Any exposure, no matter how seemingly insignificant, to the occult can be highly dangerous to those who do not walk in the power of the Lord Jesus.

This is a wide net and there is no doubt that many will be drawn into a world of darkness and despair as a result of their involvement in W.O.W and other similar fantasy games especially when you consider that this is often just one aspect of a youth culture that leaves young people in rebellion against all authority, including God, hopeless and desperate to find a valid meaning for their lives.

Other influences include rock bands such as Evanescence with their dark lyrics that offer on open invitation to darkness, despair and demonic possession.

Now hang on one minute. I am going over the top here, surely?

Let us look at some of the song titles.
Their 2003 album “Fallen” includes the tracks, “Going under”, “Whisper”, “Take me over”, “My last breath” and “Haunted”. Other albums include the tracks “Sweet sacrifice”, “Lose control” and “Breath no more”. They are just the titles; the lyrics are everything you would expect.

Thankfully the Lord Jesus had provided believers with every means by which to extract our youngsters from the clutches of Satan.


The attack is of a spiritual nature and the solution for winning them back is spiritual also. As Christians, we have the authority to release captives from bondage in Jesus Name.

Jesus told us that we should “Bind” the strong man in Matthew 12:29.
This will allow us an opportunity to speak to our youth about the dangers of involvement on the occult.
It is important to go about this ministry prayerfully. Wait on the Lord and The Holy Spirit will guide our responses.

There is a void in the lives of our children that Satan is only too happy to fill with unhealthy and destructive habits.

We can address this by ensuring that the church is a place that is alive with the vibrancy and power of the Holy Spirit, proving by our lives that there is no more fulfilling way to live than by being a Christian believer. Let us display the fullness of Gods power and love through Jesus so that out children do not stumble into darkness, but take their place as disciples in the kingdom of heaven.

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