Vision of the entertainment park in heaven

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From: Augusto Maquengo
Date: 22/08/2011 19:21:38


Today, during the mid-night prayers, while we worshipped the Father before His Holy Throne, my eyes were opened and I saw a feverish and a high speed train at a train- station. The train-station had two lanes and inside of the train were many happy saints and spirits. some were upstairs and others were seated at the top of the train to contemplate the views and the landscape of heaven. The saints had harps on their hands and some angels were standing at gates of the train-station. The railway led somewhere and as I looked I saw a highway just below the rails coming from one part of heaven to the other. I could see at a distance where it was going . At the junction of the railway above the highway, there were stairs going down to and from an entertainment park. The saints I saw in the train and those walking into the entertainment park were very happy; their minds were very peaceful; they were talking and speaking as though nothing, and absolutely nothing could disturb their walk or conversation.

The peace in the air of this place and the calm and joy are indescribable and so awesome. When I looked at the entertainment park, I saw a go-carts facility where several cart cars run in. There were several facilities in the entertainment park. While I was sharing with others, Brother Jan was walking in the same park I was describing and he could see the same things as I was contemplating. It was so awesome that we saw the same things. He himself will describe below what he saw. Then Sabrina told me to continue to walk and see more and as I followed the railroad, I saw clearly that it led to a train station or terminal that had a facility of skating and a shopping center. This shopping center was a skating facility where souls, saints with family and angels went for skating on the sea of glass which looked like ice but it was so amazing and beautiful and gleaming. The skate shoes had automatic wheels and the ski-poles were also automatic and the people were enjoying the skating on the sea of glass.

The shopping center, had an ice-cream facility, dressing room for the skaters. It was on a third floor facility and at the top of the terrace was the skating facility sliding down to the sea of glass and it was so awesome to behold. Saints and children were mounting and sliding down and up with their automatic skating-wheels and ski-poles. The facility and the park were so beautiful and a lot of green trees and grass surrounded and sheltered them.

Brother Jan’s Vision:

In the park:

Families with children eating ice cream, happy people, and the children have balloons in their hands. Peaceful, happy people, peaceful environment. I (Jan) saw a lot of green trees around the park and cars floating on the left side on the air above the ground.

I (Jan) saw people skating on the sea of glass. The people are very happy, the people on top of the shopping center are waving to the people of the sea of glass. I (Jan) saw felt the happiness, and the peace is just amazing. end

Brethren, Prepare in Holiness and Righteousness for the imminent coming of the Lord.

God bless you

The Soldier of Light of the Army of the Lord

Bro. Augusto MAQUENGO

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