Vision Of Jesus

During the month of June 2012, I wanted to know Jesus. I attended prayer at Hope Alliance Church. There I asked to be prayed over because I was very confused as to why people made me to eel like I was loosing my mind because all I wanted to talk about was Jesus.

There was this gentleman there whom sat in the middle of the circle and we prayed for him and his pain he felt in his hand. This was all new to me. While we prayed for him, in my right ear I kept hearing the words ” touch him” repeatedly. Again this was new to me so I didn’t touch him. I didn’t know. When it was my turn to receive prayer this woman who I did not know said that she had a message for me. The woman began to tell me that she saw me giving someone a Bible. She went on to describing the woman she saw with long hair. I began to think of how did she know this. I had given a woman a Bible the day before prayer. She prayed for me separately and said to me” Jesus wants you to follow Him.

On the 30th of June 2012 That night I prayed to the Lord because I was going to be baptized the next day in the ocean and I was afraid of the ocean water. I couldn’t swim. The next day July 1, 2012 a day I will never forget. We had church service before my baptism. I remember the church was taking communion. I place the bread into my mouth and behold, I saw nothing but blue. As if I was looking at the sky. It was well lit with light. I notice that this picture I was seeing started to move backwards. As the vision moved I began to see the top of a mans head. As it uncovered this man, in my thoughts I said Jesus.

Jesus stood there on what seem to be a mountain. He was a big tall man. He wore a white robe that was a powerful white. His hair was a very dark brown neatly going back inwhich it hung just inches past His shoulders. He stood there with both arms stretched out horizontally from side to side.

My attention was directed to the mountain inwhich He stood. He seem to want me to see this beautiful brown big stone that seem to be embedded in the mountain. The stone was neatly carved. I believe there were more than one but I was focused on one of them. Surrounding the stones was like bluish green plants. Just beautiful, not of this age. Then the vision moved back to Jesus. I cannot tell you how His feet looked or His hands. I cannot tell you how His face looked. It was if I was closely behind Him. He only let me see what He wanted me to see. It was like watching a 3 D movie.

What’s amazing is that He stopped the time. I say this because I saw this visionJesus while placing the bread into my mouth. By the time I haseen the entire vision we were just ready to drink of His blood. Amazing! Afterwards I was off to the ocean to be baptized. When we got there the lifeguard had come down to tell us of stingrays in the water, and I must admit my eyes got big. When the first girl went out and was immersed in water. When she headed back to shore I began to head out in the water to my Pastor. When my feet hit the water, I seem to do alittle bunny hop. And the only words that came out of my mouth was Oh Lord . I didn’t think about it then but later after going over my day I then knew that it was the Lord
who picked me up and carried me out there.

July 15, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire. This was new to me also but I was willing. I started asking those that went before me of what they felt. One guy told me he felt tingling. When it was my turn I stood there while being prayed over and I began to feel heat up against my right thigh. This heat traveled to my neck area. I just threw my hands up and I haven’t been the same since. He made me anew and I thank Him. A few days later I ask the Lord if what I was doing was wrong because I had lived life as a lesbian for 40 years. I said to Him that Gays loved Him and were praising His name. I heard a deep voice like a baritone voice very unique, say to me. Follow My Word. All praise and glory to Him. HE DELIVERED ME! I Hhave followed His word every since. I thank Him for freeing me from that bondage. I urge all homosexuals to follow the word of the Lord and lean not on your own understanding or those who preach that it is not sinful. The Lord has done great works in my life and has communicated and shown me many visions as well as spoken to me in dreams. I do not proclaim to be a prophet. I want to obey and walk in His light. If I can pray for someone or place my hands on you I am willing. I mediated alot of placing my hands on someone for healing. I figure that is what He gives to me. I love the Lord. All praise and glory to Him.

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