Victim of Identity Theft?

Hey… who stole my identity? The thief comes but to kill, steal and destroy…. but Jesus came to bring us life and more abundantly (John 10:10)

Two things are going on here… first, the enemy is wanting to steal your life, identify, who you are, cause you to doubt God.. and at the same time Jesus is wooing you, teaching you truth about who you are, so you can live the abundant life.

Without knowing who we are, where we have been, and where we are going, we will flounder, be double-minded, and easy pickins’ for the enemy.

It’s up to you, today, to get your life back… How, I hear you ask?

First decide today that you will NOT fear what you will become when you finally discover yourself. I had a friend tell me one time as I was ministering to her that she was afraid of what she will change into. What if she won’t like herself.. what if her husband won’t love her any more… This all comes from the lies of the enemy because he wants you to fear God’s plan for your life, that you’ll have to give something up or become something you won’t want. But we all know that is silly… For God has great plans for our life… that is the truth.

Secondly, confess that you don’t know who you are, or what you were born to do. Just say it out loud… Don’t be afraid the devil will hear you.. then that is another problem, having fear of the devil! Just be honest with God right now.. It’s the truth that makes you free… not hiding. So come out of the bushes and say, “here am I Lord.”

Thirdly, start thanking God for changing you into HIS identity and image.. Being thankful allows you to receive. If we keep asking and asking and asking, you are working too hard. But if you ask and then choose to receive it… you will have it. The Bible says that we shall have what we believe… “shall have” is receiving… so we have to believe first in order to receive it. So begin thanking God for loving you, for putting his imprint on you…

Fourthly, rest. Having done all, stand. Allow God’s love to love you! I had a visitor this week, and we did a lot of ministry for the first 4 days.. then loud and clear the 4th night I heard.. STOP! Well, I wasn’t sure what that was, until the next day when I realized it was time to rest… all work and no play makes for an unhappy Christian. So we played. We swam in the river, looked for gold, caught fish, played with a tadpole…( yes, we are 40 somethings and above!) and truly enjoyed God’s beautiful landscape. Remember, Jesus came to give us life and ENJOY it… Not to be put back under bondage. We simply enjoyed ourselves… and I do understand some people feel guilty for that… another area to repent to the Lord because you are rejecting His love… I remember one time I asked God… “How do I receive your love?” And he said, “Well, how do you receive your husband’s love?” I said, “I let him love me.” And He said, “Well let me love you.” This friend of mine struggled with receiving God’s love, but by weeks end, she was experiencing God’s love, through the people she encountered while here, my husband and I, and his creation.

Then finally, stop and listen! We do enter His rest because we believe. Believe who we are in Christ, believe that God has not left us to fen for ourselves, believe that we are His children. The Bible says that we are given the power to BECOME the sons of God. We don’t wake up one day and have it all together… becoming is a process… we will “become” until He takes us home. No one has it all together, or has it all figured out… So we can always grow more in this area of “becoming” like God. The enemy wants you to think God has abandoned you, doesn’t want you, you are too much of a mess, but these are all lies. If we read scriptures it is filled with things like, “You are the apple of my eye, You are fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS IMAGE, and many, many more. Who are we going to listen to? Remember, the devil is a liar and so whatever you hear that is from him, is a lie! Choose today to start listening to the right voice.

These are some simple steps in finding yourself… The Bible says if we lose our life, we shall find it… we need to lose ourself in the Lord’s plan and identity for us. We have to stop trying to make our own identity by what we have, who we know, our job skills, etc., instead STOP and begin to receive His nature and character into our lives. As the old song goes, “Only what we do for Christ will last…” What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul… what will he give in exchange for his soul? Well, Jesus did the “great exchange” simply take it. Not only for salvation, but for getting your identity rooted and grounded in His…

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