Very Urgent Prayer Request

Background – There are two organisations that dominate the continent of Europe and surrounding regions, one is the Mediterranean Union (MU) and the other is the European Union (EU). The MU was set up in 2008 by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and covers the whole of Europe, north Africa and the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. While the EU covers only the continent of Europe. While many Christians believe that the EU is the so-called Revived Roman Empire of the book of Daniel, I personally believe this to be a wrong and incorrect assumption because the EU only covers the majority parts of Europe. Yet, the creation of the MU is what I believe to be the REAL Revived Roman Empire because it covers ALL the areas of the former Roman Empire. I, therefore, believe that the MU will be the empire that will dominate the Great Tribulation and NOT the EU. The EU is then an apparent non-entity. However, I will admit that I could be wrong on this issue but no one, and I mean no one, really knows what God’s final set up of organisations he will have running during those painful and deadly times.

I am, therefore, asking for your prayers in getting God to get rid of the European Union as this would make perfect sense for the Lord to collapse this organisation and make Christianity relevant to a new generation of lost souls in Europe and around the world. Let’s faithfully ask God for his will in this situation and give him the glory, honour, thanks and praise in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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