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I’ve been suffering from panic attacks for about 4-5 years now and I’m only 19. The fear is so crippling it stopped me from going to school which I had to quit and affects everything in my life. I am not fearful of an object or circumstance at all, i’m afraid of fear itself. I am always fearing that I will have a panic attack and then when I do I feel like I can’t cope and that I’m going to die. Before all this started when I was younger I used to have random night scares from which I would wake up in the night screaming because I would have such a heavy sense of fear pressing down on me and it was so overwelming I thought it was going to overun me. I don’t know whether this is a demonic spirit or not. I have had prayer for it but it has come back. My parents are christian which is great because I can always go to them for prayer and help. My mum has a similar illness to me but has had it for a lot longer and it is propbably worse than mine. I wonder whether when i was younger i could feel her fear and it has affected me. All i want is freedom from fear and I pray constantly for that. Please pray for me.

What do YOU think?



  1. Demons can be those behind panic. Ask God to deliver you from them, and trust Him. He saved many people from demons, some are mentioned in the Bible.

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Demons are of the world, and Jesus is stronger than them, Greater is Jesus than he who is in the world (devil/demons). Trust God, He can save you from fear. Terror shall be far from you when God establishes you! Trust Him and pray, believing He will deliver you, because it’s His will to heal the brokenhearted, the wounded and the afflicted. Trust Him and wait on Him, for He loves you and is good. Don’t fear, He overcame the world and all the demons in the world and is much stronger than them. He will free you. God loves you.

  2. sorry double post

  3. Hello,I have a deliverance minestry that I help out those that have been tormented and abused by demonic powers.I dont know if you have read anything about me on this web sight but my testimoney is on this sight because I was deliverd from fighting the spirit of SUICIDE for 22 years.Theres a prayer on my web sight I would like for you to go there and read it because its a prayer that I have had people print it out and post it in their homes because its a powerful prayer that has helped many.The prayer I liked so much that I even put it in my book that got published SUICIDE SPIRIT.See as I was really seeking out the lord and wanting to help many sense I have a deliverance minestry and I get e mail world wide I needed Gods assitance on how to help people,well the Holy Spirit just gave it to me and it was amazing.Just follow this link and you can read my testimoney and read the prayer as well,http://exposingthedarkness.com/about.html.If theres any thing I can do for you just let me know,I am willing to reach out and help.I have a large number of intercessors that are on call 24 hours a day………Have a blessed day Tim

  4. Man, my heart goes out to you … I take it your name is emma? I’ll be praying for you 2nite. I feel like maybe you should seek out deliverance ministry or prayer from a local church. Do you know any local church that is seeking the Lord in truth and Spirit. Otherwise there’s also a skype orientated ministry from this website I think – Viral Prayer Network (There’s a link to it on the right hand side – Power of Prayer). Otherwise keep seeking Jesus and praying to Him, pleading with Him to deliver you. He will hear your prayers as His heart is for you, full of compassion and love. He will deliver you! Just seek Him with all your heart.

    God bless you
    In Christ

    • Thanks for your prayers Daniel, they are much appreciated. I do go to a local church and I get much support from there. I also meet up in small groups with a few of the members which is great and helps me but I do think I might sign up for this ‘Viral Prayer Network’ ministry you suggested. Thank you so much for your advice. I do believe he will deliver me, just sometimes, when its been soo long I think when? But I continue to seek him for peace and healing and completely trust that I will recieve. Emma

      • Beloved says:

        Dealing with demonic spirits is not a “wait to be delivered situation” Jesus has given us authority through Him to deal with this. I would suggest learning all you can about this authority,and spiritual warfare.With your faith built up in this area,you will be able to take authority over these harassing demonic spirits,and forbid them from coming against you.Until you are completely convinced of your ability to do this,I recommend seeking prayer from seasoned
        Christians,and it looks like you are covered in that department.
        My heart goes out to you,as I had similar attacks in my teens,but not being a Christian,my only recourse was medication; prescribed and “otherwise”.The results often being less than desirable.I will also lift you up in prayer dear one.

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