Urgent Prayer please

I am doubting God’s word so badly but am clinging by a thread to it. Please can you pray for me to stand strong and to BELIEVE. I am at my lowest point. I feel so much is against me at the moment and that the word God gave me is more something in my mind. I just need God to work a mighty miracle in my relationship and restore it sooner rather than later……..I am faltering….please hold me up. I need something TODAY – I cant do this anymore. I am trying to fast and maintain my prayer life, but no-one believe what I have told them will happen and now I am doubting too.

What do YOU think?



  1. Lord I am trying to be faithful and I really need you to come through for me in a BIG way. I pray for C, who is moving further and further away. I really need you to just keep encouraging me at this point. I know you might be testing my faith. Brothers and sisters in Christ please keep me in your prayers and pray for C as well. I dont understand why he says one thing and does another. It is getting worse not better.AMEN>

    • Timothy Luke says:

      God does not override our will to love or not love another… If that was how he worked, he would make us all love Him now, and forget this charade of life with a mere appearance of ability to love or not love another. C's will is his, not yours, nor God's (for God gave him his choices). If God wants him in your life, you need to stop pushing this agenda on God and simply rest until He brings it to pass. You cannot work yourself into a state of frenzy and then blame anyone but yourself for not helping you get out of it.


      That is as clearly as I can speak this. You need to see the world is much greater than this man you are driving away by your neediness. Let him go. If you chased after God with this level of passion, you would find more than you could ever imagine. Surrender this relationship to God and let it die on the altar if that is what happens. Its time to move on with your life and calling.


      This sounds insensitive and it is. It is insensitive to the sin you are pursuing, but it is totally sensitive to your need to be free from this idol and its destructive force over you.




      • Dear Timothy,

        I believe she meant she’s asking God to soften his heart, to lead him to repentance (she said C was sinning) and deliver him from the destructive power of sin, and for a reconciliation between him, her and God, not for God to override his will.

        Hope that helps you understand brother.

        JW, I’ve been praying for you, God is Love and His Kindness leads people to repentance. He loves you, you’re God’s daughter, never forget that despite what Satan/demons say. God loves you and if He said something, He will fulfill, for He will not lie. Keep praying, and don’t give up at all.

        • Timothy Luke says:

          Thank you Andrew. I was picking up on the "If the relationship between C and me is not restored, I don't know how I can go on in my faith any longer…." I agree that it is always God's will to soften hearts and lead to repentance, and so is worthy of our prayers. If I am not mistaken (and that is known to happen!) our sister is believing God said He would restore a relationship between her and this man… I do not even think they are married, and so he is free to walk away from her without it impacting his relationship with God, one way or the other… In such a case, the focus in prayer is that he come to know the Lord and the Lord's will and follow, regardless of where that leads in the relationship with this man.  If the Lord was the recipient of this much desire and seeking, for His sake alone, I think it our sister would not be bound to filling the void through this one man's love and attention…. He will fail, and perhaps already has, but the Lord will remain with us forever! Let us not take that for granted.

          • She did say they’re married, but their marriage is attacked. While I agree the LORD should be our First and Greatest Love, there can be a person we love, but secondly and God’s Love and Love for God makes the second place love seem very,very small. Our sister should rely on God (and I pray you do trust God to help you, dear sister), not on men, or any Christian that makes her doubt.

            Sister, believe Jesus can do this, and God will satisfy your desire with good things. Don’t fear, nor doubt.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Thanks again Andrew! I do not always remember the particulars of each situation because after a while they blend.  It is a horrible thing that has happened in JW's marriage, but again it must be released. It is in the releasing of it, that peace can come back and the foundation for restoration can be laid.


            "Father, please comfort JW and help her rest in you. YOU are our strength, our shield, our God and our ultimate husband. Please have mercy and lead our sister in the paths of righteousness, where she will find grace and peace through Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray, amen."

          • Dear friends in Christ. Thank you for your responses.

            1. My ex husband is not a believer and walked away years ago. He does not want to come back. I have accepted this no matter how hard it was and how he broke my heart.
            2. C is another relationship all together, also being divorced – he and I shared something very special as well as our love of God. We felt that we had to heal in God first. He did promise me so many things including marriage.
            3. As impossible as it seems I believe that God will bring us back together – having had signs etc as I have prayed into this.
            4. It is my friends who make me doubt.
            5. I actually have peace in this regard, although it seems impossible, I just often feel under attack from those who keep telling me I am being stupid, and who dont want me to hurt. Who would give me such signs and words? Surely it has to be from God as through all of this I have drawn so much closer to HIM, closer than ever before and when I feel I am breaking down, He speaks to me and provides me with “signs” surely this is NOT from Satan?
            6. I prayed so hard for my marriage and begged God for reconciliation but it was not to be and I was so broken. I guess that now in this new situation, having BELIEVED in what I have received from God, I need to stand patient and silent for his WILL to be done.
            7. I go up and down as I firmly trust in God and when I am at peace I feel I get attacked by some negative friends in my life who tell me I am crazy.

            Sorry this is in point form but I allows me to get my thoughts together.

            Thanks for your words at this time.

      • warrior daughter says:

        Sometimes we want somewthing so bad that we believe God wants that too…God will fullfil your needs {even promises to meet our needs} & one must seperate their needs from their wants… There are times that what we want would completely destroy us & God talks about that in Luke 11:11-12

        If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish will he give him a serpent instead of a fish? Or if he asks for an egg will he offer him a scorpion?

        Everything that the son asked for was to satisfy the hunger within the son. The other things were deadly to the son or unedible..God sees the whole picture, & knows what can satisfy you & what is absolute deadly to your entire existance here on earth & for eternity…

        You may think that you cannot go another minute without this person but I ask you “For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world & loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?? Mathew 16:26

        • warrior daughter says:

          I have just read your other blog so now I understand your situation better…I understand better what you have endured but it is time for you to release this man. He has forgotten you & your children & no longer are you in his heart. His heart was turned away from you when he first stepped out of the marriage bed & sought another. You requested he not see the other woman but he ignored it & continued on in this sin.. Yes God hates divorce but does He want His child to continue to suffer at the hands of another? What you are accepting is a subtle type of abuse….I know that the things he wants to with hold from you are monetary…God is not going to cause you to become homeless nor begging for bread…He will provide for you….I raised my 3 daughters without a man & not once did we go without shelter or food. Yes, we lacked what many would think were neccessary but my daughters never worried about housing or if the utilities would be shut off..There were things that were not neccesary & things that were & as the parent I had to decide …They always had nice clothing, {some I sewed for them}, plenty of food, & most importantly taught to rely on God to meet their needs & not a person or the government. There were also times I had to accept help from others who wanted to bless my family at Christmas through a Christmas basket.. . It brought joy to their hearts of the giver & humbleness to mine.
          Be strong my sister in the Lord & the power of His might….

  2. Father God, you are in control. You are a merciful God, I ask that D is surrounded by Godly people while he makes his decision. Bind ANYTHING that speaks what is not your WILL. I fear that D is under immense Spiritual Attack, having renounced Jesus and so I life this lost sheep up to you. He is a good man, who has just become a stranger to those closest to him. Lord reach out to him. Open his HEART to you. CLOSE his MIND to the evil one. Give him strength to do what is RIGHT, by his children. He is so lost, have mercy on him, he knows not what he does.

    Also Father, bless C and may he fully submit ALL to you, every aspect of his life must be under your domain. Heal him and change him, create in him a new MAN. Let his fears and insecurities be a thing of the past. Fill the void in him and may he reach out to me again.


    • Amen and Amen!! I have read all your post and will pray for you ,C,and D. I do not write out my prayers in post but will use the information you have provided and your prayers to frame my own.
      May the Grace and Peace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

      • Thank you. I need so many people fighting this particular Spiritual War with me. I need a mighty miracle from God and a breakthrough to SHOW all those who doubt that HE is Lord and his WILL is perfect. He can make good and impossible and bad situation. Come Holy Spirit, Come. Cover this situation with your blood. Let no weapon formed against me prosper. SPEAK to D, breathe your Spirit into D, protect me and my children and Lord Jesus put an end to this madness.

        I also pray for C and will continue to do so. Work in his life, work on any last bit of resistance that he has to you. Open the floodates of heaven and let it rain on him. More of you in his life Jesus, more of you. Keep him focused. Heal him completely and let him know his fight is spiritual and not of the flesh. Bring him home. AMEN.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      JW, The thing about love is that it is indeed tender. This is good, but it brings pain at times. I am sorry that you have had to endure great pain in this, yet I know that there is a place of peace in not looking to the circumstances that are visible, but trusting God to work the invisible details in their due course. When a person turns from God, there is much sorrow to be had, for sure, but do not let it undermine your own faith.


      God's love for sinner and saint is equal. He will seek out his own lost sheep, and we need to abide patiently and not allow dispair. It would be a mistake to bind your faith to whether or not your husband comes to repentance… That is all I was simply seeking to say. We can pray he comes to his senses, but the man is still his own person. Perhaps he will need to go his own way and come to the end of himself. I don't know that we need to fret the details as we trust God to do what He does best. He will make a way and yet we still are the ones to choose who we are going to serve. Don't let another's choice deter you from the faith once delivered. Don't let it shipwreck you. Trust and get on with your life with Jesus. All will be okay, and we are not the ones to dictate what that may end up looking like.


      Please forgive me if I have been out of line in any of my comments. I just don't want to see you fall into the 'grieving trap' I have seen other spouses fall into. God does call us to love Jesus more than husbands and wives and lands and children.


      Blessings and peace to you,


  3. I have had some wonderful signs and words from God. I know he is wanting to restore my relationship – but so many of my friends doubt this…they still say it is ME wanting and not GOD. They have also told me that C does not want reconciliation and believes that God does not want us to be reconciled. He feels he is doing the right thing by God. I will stand firm and I claim what God has TOLD me, although I question what C is being told. Fellow Brother’s and Sisters in Christ, please continue to PRAY and interceed for me. Pray that God will speak into C’s heart and will heal him completely in the area’s of his life that need healing. May God take away his doubt, his fear, and specifically his feeling like there is TOO much water under the bridge. PLEASE hold him up and write C into your prayers. I know that God also wants us to work on our foundation and it has to be based on Jesus. When I feel I am soaring like an Eagle, Satan seems to attack and crush my Spirit. So please pray for me…pray for strength, for encouragement and for God to work in C’s life in a BIG WAY now. AMEN.

    I do however give thanks to God for all he has done. He has relit the fire in my soul. He is a mighty God who can work miracles. Open C’s eye.


    • faithishearing says:

      I was impressed to share this with you:
      During his sufferings, Job mused on the role of God and questioned life and death.
      He asked,
      If a man dies, shall he live again?
      By all accounts your marriage may look dead, and to those on the outside, damaged beyond repair–a lost hope.
      To rephrase Job 14:14 for your situation, or any struggle, Can a dead (marriage, relationship, situation, spiritual life) ever live again?
      Ezekiel 37:1-14 may give us the answer. The LORD poses the same question to the prophet.
      “Son of man, can these bones live?” verse 3.
      Ezekiel answers, “Oh, LORD, you know.”
      Then something miraculous happens, God tells Ezekiel to prophesy over the dry bones. The LORD gives Ezekiel the words to speak.
      If God has given you a word, speak it. Speak those words over the situation in your life. Prophesy over it. Imagine how difficult and seemingly ridiculous it is to speak over a bunch of dry bones! Imagine how much faith and confidence in the Word of God it took! Pray to God that He will show you several promise verses in the Bible, and when you are discouraged, claim them–morning, noon, and night.
      Ezekiel 37:7
      So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I prophesied, there was a great noise, and a suddenly a rattling; and the bones came together, bone to bone.
      God did not have to have the prophet’s participation. God could have just spoken and have it done. But, God commanded Ezekiel to speak His Words over the bones. God is also asking for your participation. It is not enough to believe what God says, but to act on it, or else, what is it really doing? Even demons believe. Faith without works is dead. James 2:14-20
      In Ezekiel’s case, he spoke the Words that God gave him, but the bones did not come alive all at once. But there was a visible change in the condition. Nevermind what C says, or what he tells you God is telling him. God does not speak through both sides of His mouth. He cannot tell you one thing and tell him another. If C is in sin, I question whether whoever is speaking to him is really God, especially since that voice encourages him to stay in sin. It could be the devil’s way of discouraging and confusing both you and him.
      The answer to Job’s question was perhaps best exemplified in the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ. It answered the question once and for all, yes, the dead really can live again.
      John 5:21
      For as the Father raises the dead and gives life to them, even so the Son gives life to whom He will.
      Don’t stop praying. And I will pray.
      I will pray that he will not have rest in his spirit until he gives God full surrender of his life. I will pray that God continues to draw you closer to His heart, and that He fulfills His word to you quickly.
      God Bless You
      Ezekiel 37:14
      I will put my Spirit in you, and you shall live, and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know that I, the LORD, have spoken it and performed it.

      • Dear Faithishearing

        THANK YOU for your words. I am going to carefully readthem again and look at the verses you have suggested. I will meditate on them.
        Thank you for reaching out to me and speaking God’s word to me. I too will pray what you have said you will pray ie That C will not have rest in his Spirit until he gives God full surrender of his life. I will also pray that God also draws me closers and fulfills HIS word to me quickly. AMEN AMEN AMEN.

        I so want to sing with joy, to overcome by God’s grace, to get breakthrough and to go out and to be an example to others in similar situations.

      • Dear Faithishearing

        THANK YOU for your words. I am going to carefully readthem again and look at the verses you have suggested. I will meditate on them.
        Thank you for reaching out to me and speaking God’s word to me. I too will pray what you have said you will pray ie That C will not have rest in his Spirit until he gives God full surrender of his life. I will also pray that God also draws me closers and fulfills HIS word to me quickly. AMEN AMEN AMEN.

        I so want to sing with joy, to overcome by God’s grace, to get breakthrough and to go out and to be an example to others in similar situations.

  4. I am so glad to have found this website as very few of my Christian friends believe me when I say I feel I have to wait on God and that HE WILL restore my relationship. They are scared I am going to be hurt again and again and again. Just knowing that fellow Christians are praying into my situation and giving me support and verses to meditate on is so comforting as I wait on God. I think that their doubt (out of concern) is what makes me doubt God and get confused. When I believe I hear from God, my spirit SOARS, and when my friends think I am crazy, I crash.

    So I will put my trust in HIM who created me, and who knows my HEART…..I desperately need this word which I believe to be true and from God to come to be reality as I so badly want to then run out and tell others what has happened to me and that I KNOW personally that he is a GOD who works miracles for those who trust him.

    So, yes, please hold me in your prayers and continue to give me verses, pictures, visions that come to you. AMEN.

  5. Timothy Luke says:

    JW, God loves you and has not forsaken you. The enemy has merely put a paper wall between you and God and has made it look like brick. It is an illusion… walk through it and into the arms of your heavenly Father. If God spoke a word through you, it is up to HIM to bring it to pass.  If the word does not come to pass, it was not the Lord's Word to begin with – so do not sweat it. Often the enemy speaks to us in the name of the Lord and we learn to discern God's voice and the enemy's by their fruits. It is all part of growing… which is the GOOD NEWS… you ARE indeed alive in Christ and growing… ever hear of growing pains?

    Be blessed and be at peace. You are not forgotten, nor forsaken.


    "Father God, I lift our sister to you in faith, knowing you have begun a good work in her and will complete it. The greatest of men and prophets have all had moments of discouragement and doubt, but you delivered them out of them all. I know you will do the same for JW and I thank you for it in Jesus' name, amen."

  6. twoythal says:



    I just read one of your previous posts from last month. It appears that you are talking about your relationship with your unsaved husband in today's post; I certainly understand that this is a tough situation for you and your children. It sounds like your pastor has given you wise council in this, however, and I would recommend continuing to seek his counsel. I would continue to drive the devil off the situation though, and I believe in doing so consistantly, the entangeled mess will begin to unravel itself; the crooked places will be made straight, and the rough places smooth.

  7. teshomey says:


    I want to tell you that I will be praying for you. I also want to share with you a quick summary of my own experience. Because of stubbornness and spiritual ignorance, I went through several years of rough times (too much to detail it here). But, three years later (maybe four), at His own time, God responded to my request in great detail. We worship an Almighty God who knows everything including the things in our heart and mind. He even answers the things we have not uttered during our prayer request. In His time, God will restore everything that you need. I believe and (and have seen) that God is attentive to all our needs that He is going to make all things work together to respond to you accordingly.
    One more thing: Reading various testimonies has helped me a great deal. For me, reading about miracles of God’s intervention is a great source of encouragement. It boosts my faith and hope. I think, you should spend time reading a few of the majestic workings of our Lord Jesus Christ which are available in this site. Don’t lose hope…God is watching everything.

    In Christ,


  8. twoythal says:


    If you are holding on by a "thread," then you are still in faith! That's good news, because a "thread" is all you need! Jesus said that if we had faith the size of a grain of mustard seed then we could speak unto a mountain and command that it be cast into the sea! (Mark 11:23) What is the mountain that is speaking to you? Talk back to it, and don't let it talk back to you! Command the devil to get out of your relationship (marriage?) (Matthew 18:18, Luke 10:18) and watch wisdom and restoration come to you; wisdom on what to do to help fix it, and grace to do so! Declare the Word of God over yourself… "I am strong in the Lord and the power of His might!" (Ephesians 6:10)  "I can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengtheneth me!" (Philippians 4:13) "No weapon formed against my marriage will prosper!" (Isaiah 54:17) Your mind can be in a total mess of unbelief, but yet you can still be believing in your heart! The mind is where the devil messes with you, but he is a liar! Jesus said that it is the faith in our HEARTS that cause us to overcome, not what's going on in the mind, and if you didn't believe, you wouldn't have gotten on this website! So don't allow the devil to condemn and lie to you, glory to God!! When you start speaking the Word out loud, it may not seem to you like you're in faith, but do it for about five minutes, and then keep doing it! You'll find yourself growing stronger, and by the end of it, you might just be dancing around the house!!

  9. faithishearing says:

    I will pray for you too!
    I could use some prayer as well. 🙁 I am going through a particularly difficult time of testing. It is hard not to give up faith in God’s promises, but just know and believe that He is there. God will give you an awesome testimony!
    More importantly, no matter what, always go back to God. No matter how frustrated you feel, continue to read His Word and cling to His promises. Use this time to get as close to God as possible and to serve others. Spend some quiet time with God and in His Word.
    I already know how frustrating it is when all you can do is believe and pray, when you think you should do something else. Just trust in God and believe that He will work out the situation in His own time.

    • So sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time. You seem to always have an encouraging word for others. One of my least favorite( if I can confess this to you) scriptures is where Paul is extorting believers to “count it all joy” when faced with trials,knowing that it test their faith,building patience,which then brings a completeness,where you lack nothing.
      It is James1:2-4.
      I say least favorite only because of my weakness in this area.Upon re-reading it, though I became encouraged my self! There is a really great blessing attached to this admonition .
      Anyway,I immediately thought of this scripture when I read your post,so maybe the first book of James is a “right now” word for you!

      • Thanks for this Beloved. I will get into the book of James again 🙂
        I think so often when faced with trouble we tend to look at what we don’t have instead of what we do have. Perhaps God is telling me to count my blessings – my job, my beautiful children, many friends (in particular this site) and more importantly HIM. I guess if I am looking to what I dont have and am having to let go of then I am full of envy and that is breaking one of the 10 commandments. Thank you for speaking this to me. I am going to count my blessings today – those that I have in the PRESENT. God HAS given me word of what will be – trusting in it and it happening in HIS time is the hard part and that is where I face the Spiritual Battle.

        Thanks Again 🙂

        • You are soooo welcome! I can totally relate to taking things that I DO have for granted! I think we all can. But, when I take the time(and it does take time;because there are so many) to count my blessings, I am overcome with gratitude to our Lord!!! He is so good,He is so faithful and He never changes! Sometimes I feel as inconstant as the moon! Aways changing! Up one minute,down the next:) It is such a comfort knowing the He is always the same!!! But,I digress.I will keep you in my prayers until you say different.(although,it feels really weird to tell someone to stop praying for you 🙂 You know what I mean though. (?)

  10. twoods09 says:

    You have a brother here who is praying for you.

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