Urgent need of prayer

Hi Everyone

We are in desperate need of prayer like so many others on this site.

A bit of background. In September last year God gave my hubby Mark a vision to start a Prayer Retreat here in South Africa to teach His people to pray and to fast. We were extremely excited because we had been praying for roughly 23 years to serve Him full-time and prayer and fasting is a great passion of ours that God has blessed us with. God then gave Mark Matthew 6:25-33 to stand on and said that we don’t trust Him (God) to supply our needs and we don’t have faith in Him because we have always put the food on the table. God convicted us and we resigned from our employments. We took the step of faith like God wanted us to knowing that this was going to be a journey where we have to spend a lot of time with Him which we were very willing to do.

Well it has been 10 months now and Heaven has been very silent. We have not had any direction from God as to what He wants us to do and we desperately want to be out there working for Him. In Luke He talks about the harvest being plenty and the labourers few and we are saying…..Here we are Lord, use us for your glory. We have dedicated everything back to God and asked Him to make us good stewards over all that He has blessed us with. We say the right prayers, we confess His Word back to Him, we repent, have broken generational curses…..yes I think we have done everything possible to open the way for God to speak to us again and yet Heaven is silent. We know God hears us when we pray because we pray His Word and He can’t turn away from that.

We are now at a stage where we are behind with all our accounts including our home mortgage and we are getting sms’s and phonecalls because we are in arrears with everything. I don’t believe this brings God glory because He promised to take care of our needs if we trusted Him which we did. We spend most of our days praying i.e. we pray every day from 8 to 1pm and then in the afternoon and evenings as well. We are totally dumbfounded as to why God is silent.

Please can I ask that you guys pray sincerely for us for the following:
1. A financial breakthrough urgently. We have no income and our food is finished and we have no money with which to buy food. I have a young daughter and I cannot bear to watch her starve because of the stand that we are making for God. God called us out of secular employment and convicts us in our Spirits if we even just as much as think about going back into the world to work. Yes, we do fast a lot but it is not something that you can do indefinitely.

2. For direction and to hear His voice in specific detail, not vague impressions. Everyone has pulled away from us including family, friends and yes even our church so we have absolutely no support from anyone. All we have is God and we love Him very much and just want to serve Him and bring Him glory.

He says we are not to be anxious about anything and all these financial issues are a huge distraction. He delights in the prosperity of His servants and we are not experiencing prosperity at the moment.

He also showed Mark when He was praying a whole lot of doors but the doors on our side had no handles. All the handles were on God’s side. Anyone know what that means????

We would sincerely appreciate all prayers because we know that there is power in prayer. The funny thing is that the prayers we pray for others get answered except our own! So what are we doing wrong?

I don’t believe it was mere co-incidence that I came across this site while I was surfing and I know the prayer of a righteous person avails much so please can I ask you guys and gals to intercede for us in prayer and let me know if God reveals anything to you. We know God is not the problem and there must be something in our lives that are blocking the blessings from coming through and maybe God will use one of you to show us what that blockage is.

Thanks so much and may God bless you in everything that you need and always have more than enough.

Much love in Jesus

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