Update on our situation – prayer requested

Dear friends,

We have returned to Australia. Whilst the ministry overseas has been quite fruitful, and continues to be so under able leadership appointed there, we have experienced a lot of personal losses and disappointments.

At the moment we are staying in houses of friend – me, my wife and daughter. We can’t secure our own place until we get all our accounting in, or if I am able to get a job. We are very busy also moving around and caring for our 2 year old. So far, I have been interviewed but not accepted for employment. It may be that God does not want me to go back to old and familiar ways of earning income. If so, I will need special grace and fresh open doors. Please pray for this.

Please also pray for this web ministry. Because of the site going down for some days, the traffic has dropped by 40% of late, and we want it to grow back and even more than before.

We need a lot of money to expand our tv channel ministry to the extent we dream of. But amounts like US$5000 can make a big difference – buying thousand of hours of TV time in certain cities and places which would reach hundreds of thousands of people. It is painful to see these opportunities slip by whilst I myself have been unable to invest successfully to obtain this money. It needs God to turn things around and build things. Our part is to humble and prepare ourselves. Without God’s involvement this work cannot be built – there are too many spiritual forces against it. But we believe that God is with us. If we respond properly to Him, ultimately it will happen.

Please pray for us.



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