unsure of the future

Hi all

I’m new on this site. Well my story goes like this.

I’m 25 very beautiful even if I must say so myself *wink*

I was stubborn towards Gods words persuaded a relationship with a man who is not saved for 5years and we were engaged to be married. In few months time. During the period of that relationship I was committing sin of having sex. I thought it was okey as I was only doing it with one man who is intending to marry me anyway. Little did I know that he was seeing other woman behind my back. I found out he has a six months old child with another woman 3months towards our wedding. It hurts so bad but I called off the wedding immediately and I informed my family and our relationship was over.

I still love him I hope it will go away soon. I prayed for forgiveness from God for my sin. And I pray everyday for strength to rebuild my life and move on. I went for HIV tests and they came back negative that’s how I knew God gave me another chance to put my life right.

I can’t help fear that I will never find someone again. I feel like I will be alone for the rest of my life 🙁 all my friends are married and have children I’m the only floating one 🙁

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