Unreached People Of The Day

I noticed that there is a area called unreached people of the day from the Joshua Project on this site…

I really like to see faces of unreached people from different cultures. Sometimes we only think of the unreached people around us….By looking at the picture and the statistics of the area we can better pray for these people..

I was a children’s pastor for many years & once a month I would donate the entire service to missions…We always had a specific area of the world to pray for with statistics of the area…We would also have a small meal with some foods from the area…Many meals consisted of a rice dish…Sometimes we were able to acquire some clothing that could be wore like the area we were learning about…At times we were also fortunate enough to learn some songs in the language of the area we were learning about..The children were also shown that some children of the world cannot go to school for many different reasons…Missions opened up a whole new world of thought for the children…I was greatly blessed by teaching missions to children…..

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