My post was deleted? What’s the matter, are you afraid of the magician? I explained the art to you, you’re not even open to discussion? How sad.

Most of you are probably only Christian because you were born into the religion by conservative parents, and I’ll bet you never even bothered to test your religion against the fire.

Now, the funny thing about religion is that if one is completely right, then all others have to be wrong. That is why belief is so tricky.

If the grand majority of the world is NOT Christian, do you really think the devil tricked all those people and such a vast minority are the only people with “The Truth?”

That is not the way of God, and if you blame it on “the devil” then you are using a cop out.

How sad…

Christians are so unlike their Christ. To think even clairvoyance is insulted by you people. You are like the sinners of the Temple.

What do YOU think?



  1. warrior daughter says:

    My God has tested your gods of magic time after time…My God is a consuming fire that will totally destroy your little gods of magic…He has won every showdone against your gods….The gods of magic are nothing new…You are very ignorant about the Bible and Christians…Your heart is deceiving you…You need to be delivered from all the deception that you are being told…Everyone here on earth is a sinner…A person cannot be a Christian on the merits of their Christian parents…They have to ask for forgiveness of their own sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ…That is what being born again means…Clairvoyance is not from God…Demons are influencing and telling the person what to say…It is a snare/trap for the claivoyant….There have been eternal traps/snares set for you and you must repent of these and be delivered from all deception…..

  2. I’m quite new as a christian. My father is a buddhist, my mother although she is a christian but she hardly spend time to teach me about christianity, so absolutely not a conservative parents you have in mind. I grew up learning Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Confusius, etc. I read books about philosophy that I could found. I was attracted at magic and such, a very interesting thing for me at that time, quite amusing how some people can do lots of things.

    But never I can have peace with myself. Everytime I spend time alone and try to look back into the past, at present, at my heart and my mind, I know I’m not righteous person. I found myself guilty as a man. Its not that I’m not trying to live righteously, its that I can’t. I keep stumbling over and over. And I cannot accept God that isn’t holy, I cannot accept God that is not righteous in His way, I cannot accept God that is not just in His law. The God best description I could found is the God described in the Bible. The perfection in God’s law is the one I found in Bible, a law that I could not live by.

    So I keep finding myself walking toward punishment.

    The only way I can have peace is either I’m success at living a holy life or by reducing God’s holyness, righteousness and justice. In both I fail. The funny thing is that although I have read Bible and knowing the reason why Jesus have to die in the cross its never really accepted in my mind and heart until recently few weeks ago.

    This is how I finally put my faith in Jesus and not in other. I have problem with living holy, I specially for years indulge myself in porn and masturbation, even after I’m married. No matter how I perceive it, my conscience could not accept it. And as I said before its not that I’m not trying to live holy its just that I fail. One day as we sing praises in church, somehow I remember a parable in Bible.

    Its tell a story about a king who invite all people in the street to come to his son marriage, later he found one of them not wearing a proper garmen, the king ask this man, but this man could not give an answer. at the end, this man is thrown out into darkness.

    Well at that time I perceive the garment we wear is our deed, things we do in live. And I can see quite clearly how I live so far, I felt how dirty the garment I wore. Now even as I say to you I have this knowledge about what holy life is, never I am, until that moment could really see it (I’m not saying that I can see it clearly now, but for sure I can see it better now). So really I feel how dirty and not proper I am in front of God. And as in that moment I begin to understand and accept salvation given by Jesus, I felt like I’m cleansed from all my sin. With His blood I’m cleansed.

    That day, I trully accept Jesus as my saviour. Its been more that a month now and I’m no longer watch porn or having masturbation or want to. There is up and down. And at certain time I’m still tempted. But my life is different now. Now I can trully say that I’m righteous in front of God, not because my deed or some special ability I have but because the faith I have in His son. At last I can have this peace. I can have joy in life. Its not that my life become easier, no its not. the difference is that I have this insurance of my salvation, that I’m saved now. Afterall that’s the most important thing in life. What is the meaning of wealth, fame or power? Few years of live and then we die, all of that is no use for us then. But this insurance that you’re going to be accepted into God’s kingdom is beyond this life, beyond a mere few years, its for eternity.

    Let me say this to you, maybe you want offer me good things but I already have the best thing a man can get, I’m saved, I don’t need magic or special ability. I don’t need more power or knowledge. So that’s why I’m not posting anything at your previous post although I read it.

    Because there is nothing in your post that attract me. All I want as I read your post is to give this testimony about Jesus and how He save my life, how He save me from my wicked way. But you at the end of your post, stating that you don’t need all that, you don’t even need a pray from us, a fanatics in your word. So after think for a while I decide to leave without giving any comment. I do visit the link you give, if that the purpose of your post.

    PS : I think its not us who need to open our mind, perhaps you need to open your mind too, pray to Jesus and then read the Bible. Be true to yourself and your conscience.

  3. Christina says:

    It seems that this site randomly rejects posts. I have had a post which was deleted by this site because the site filtered it out as spam. I do not believe it was personal, the author of the site welcomes ALL posts.

    I am not going to condemn, or judge you nor should anyone else, unless, as Jesus saids, “Who is without sin cast the first stone.” My concern is that if you do request assistants from spirits besides the Lord is dangerous. I think you have heard the reasons plenty of times.

    God Bless,


    • I think, something’s wrong with the site or server…some of my post got deleted also, but i dont take it personally as Ive read Michael’s post of having some site problem and he needs to re-do things and some of the post got deleted..
      There are times that Im logged in but i cant post a reply nor i cant access the forum…
      Anywaes, im still thanful that we have this site and that we can post whenever we can:-)

      God bless,

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