Unexpected turns in life

I am a little hesistant to post this because I think at times it is just my self consious mind messing around with me. Almost driving me places that will lead me to him. I was in a relationship with the love of my life for three and a half years. Our relationship was beautiful and wonderful, at the time of the break up we both couldn’t have been happier, so the break up did hit me hard. I fell into depression and sadness. I was vulnerable why the person I was head over heels in love with just left and walked away telling me that he loved me more than anything else in the world, but this just needed to happen. I prayed to God to give me some sort of sign that things were going to be okay, that we both would be happily back together and that he would be here for me at the time I needed him the most. I might have gotten my wish from God to come true. I started running into my exboyfriend every single day at the most unexpected times of the day. From being stuck in traffic to hitting every red light possible and still managing to hit the stop sign where we are both crossing each others paths. It all stopped for a while and recently the past few days has been happening to me again. I’ll go on to explain the last five day instances to better understand.

Day 1- Thursday
Was going through a drive through fast food location in another town, as I am pulling out of the drive through he is pulling out of the drive way right next to me.

Day 2- Friday
I was driving at about 11:45pm home from a friends house when I stopped at a stop sign and he had stopped there at the same time too.

Day 3-Saturday
Parked my car to take a walk at a park, went on a nice 45 minute walk. As I am walking back to my car, sit in my car and am ready to pull out of the parking lot, I see in my rear view mirror he is driving up the street.

Day 4- Sunday
Went on a hike with my best friend and the dogs. Was about 4pm in the afternoon, got lost on the hike and ended up coming down a whole different way then we went up the hill. As soon as we walk down the hill through the grass field and onto civilization we realize we are in the back of an elementary school. We proceed to walk out of the elementary school onto the public street. We start walking on the sidewalk and finally hit the main road when we look up and he is driving down the road. We were lost for about an hour and a half because by the time we saw him it was 6:45pm where it was not aimed to meet up with him nor run into him.

you have to remember that my lover and I are not in contact at the moment because it hurts us deeply. The reason the relationship ended was to be on our own and really not depend on each other to much. We both agreed that if God wanted us to be together he would make us together and bring us together, just like we were brought together the first time.

Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone believe it’s just God keeping us together and reminding me that I will be with him again. These instances happen when I am thinking about him and wondering what he is doing then later I see him as a reassurance that he is okay.

Please let me know,

Thank You,

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