Unbelieving Family, help?

I haven’t been saved for that long and I’m discovering all kinds of new issues I never even thought about before. This particular issue I like to think of as the elephant in the room. How do I deal with the issue of unbelieving family members?

We sit around the living room discussing temporary worldly things that don’t really matter and I just feel like I’m going to implode thinking ‘where are you going to spend eternity?!’ Whenever I try to direct the conversation to God or Jesus my family just immediately dismiss the thought and bring up another distraction in life to talk about and I’m finding the elephant in the room really difficult to ignore. I don’t understand why God’s chosen to reveal himself to me but not my family. I love my family so much and I just can’t see how I would be happy in heaven knowing my family members are in hell, its as if the devil is trying to get to me through my family.

How do I get them to acknowledge and address the elephant in the room? (It might as well be the family pet!) How do I show them the light I have received? I can’t be the only Christian with this problem, so if anyone has any advise I would be so grateful to hear it. Please help?


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