Umbilical chord or Unbiblical chord?


My husband and I get into the most amazing conversations as we talk about the world, and our lives, and things around us. One day we were talking about soul-ties and co-dependency. How people tap into others to get what they need, and begin to drain dry that individual. We all know those individuals, when we see them coming, we turn and go the other direction. But some were caught up in it. They started “enabling” those who latched on causing them not to take responsibility for their own lives. I began saying that the umbilical chord has to be cut. The only time that is to be used is to give life to a new-born, not adult to adult! Then my husband said, “It’s anunbiblical chord!” We both laughed and saw that as a truth!

So we have to ask ourselves if we are we connected to someone unbiblically? If so, let’s take responsibility for that and repent for putting a “person” in the place of God. The only true soul-ties and dependencies should be on God and God alone. All else is sin. And if someone has a “link” to you as their source of life, you also have to severe that chord through truth, love and forgiveness.

I had to face this in my own life because as a minister, our job is to help people. But it gets distorted when that help becomes a crutch to another, where they aren’t taking responsibility for their own lives but putting it on another. This is what a DO DO bird does. They find a family or a home to come and nest in and it becomes all about them and what others can do to make them comfortable. They even kick others out of their own homes. And as ministers, we don’t want to hurt anyone, but we aren’t being honest here either. And the scriptures even say, “Don’t throw your pearls to the swine.” We have some hard decisions to make sometimes, but we can do it as Christ did… with truth, love, and courage.

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