Turn Around – Jesus loves you

Around the first or second week of April 1994, I visited a Christian brother who had just returned from a week of work on Florida’s West Coast. I learned that one night, while there, he began praying and talking to God because he wanted to fellowship with his people. Being so many miles from home and not knowing anyone, he felt alone. While driving down the road, he told the Lord he wanted to go to church and worship with his people. Looking out into the darkness up ahead, he saw a curb. As he rounded the curb he heard the voices of people singing praises to God. A parking lot by the road was dotted with people having church.

Immediately, the Spirit of God overwhelmed him and he began thanking God for answering his prayers. A co-worker riding with him in the truck declined the invitation to attend the service, so, he dropped him off at a nearby hotel they were staying. Quickly returning, he joined the service. The people greeted him with open arms expressing their love and making him welcome. Each person was granted the opportunity to give his or her personal testimony. When his turn came, through tear filled eyes he expressed how thankful he was that the Lord heard his plea and answered his prayer. Matthew 5:6 says, " Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." He gave his complete testimony and carefully listened to others as they shared what the Lord had done for them. The Lord spoke to him to give a certain amount of money to the minister, so he obeyed the Lord.

The congregation of old time Baptist worshippers didn’t care that he was Apostolic. They were there to worship God in Spirit and in truth. The Baptist minister approached the microphone and said, "This man (speaking of my friend) obeyed the Lord and gave the amount of money that God instructed for him to give. And that amount was exactly enough to pay for the equipment we’re using tonight. I received this new sound system on the promise that I would bring the money back later and pay it off. Praise the wonderful name of the Lord for providing a way where there seemed to be no way." Philippians 4:19 says, " But my God shall supply all your need, according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus." I left my friend’s house praising God and crying.

I remember driving about 4 or 5 miles when God spoke to me and said, " There’s a man standing back there in the middle of the road. Turn around and tell him that Jesus loves him." I opened my mouth and said, " Lord, I just drove down that road and I never saw a thing." God reminded me of how he had spoken to me through his word a few days earlier and I ignored him only to find out that it was God after all. I immediately turned the car around and began looking for the man. As I drove down the highway, Satan spoke to me and said, " You’re crazy, you probably saw a road sign." But I kept on driving. After less than a mile, there he was! A man with tears streaming down his face, standing in the middle of the road. I stopped, rolled down my window and said, " You may not believe me, but I was driving down the road and God spoke to me and told me to turn my car around and come back and tell you that Jesus loves you." His first words were this, " I had an argument with my parents and I’m on my way to kill them." I began to testify of Jesus and His mercy and love for us. I saw the power of God turn his tears of sorrow into tears of joy. I invited him to come and be with us in our revival that week and encouraged him through Gods word. I offered to take him home but he declined, saying that now he had to go and confront two men who were harassing his girlfriend. At this time God sent a word of wisdom to me and I said, " Sir, this is just how much Jesus loves you. It may be that you’ll leave here tonight only to have your brains blown out by these men, because you ignored God when He was reaching out to you. The Lord sent me to tell you, HE LOVES YOU!"


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