Tsunami Warnings for Australia

I have become aware of numerous warnings of an impending tsunami disaster to affect Australia, especially the East Coast.

I do not have the time to post all the details about this right now, or present the full case for this.

In summary:

Prophet Dr David Uwuor who apparently predicted the earthquakes in Chile, Haiti and the Hurricane Katrina disaster BEFORE it happened recently visited the Gold Coast of Australia and warned a small congregation that a tsunami is going to hit the East Coast of Australia. I've heard reports that it will be the size of a 3 storey building.

Just today I've seen a website http://2ww4.blogspot.com/ and a youtube video by weatherbill7. He is claiming that multiple people have had revelations and confirmations that September 3, 2010 US time, September 4, 2010 Australian time there will be a huge tsunami affecting Hawaii, Australia, Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand (as well as the West Coast of the USA).

I can't say I know if this is true or not. I just want it to be on record BEFORE the events. We will then discuss afterwards, God willing.

Personally, I have more belief in the prophecies of Dr David Uwuor. You can see his previous warnings on Youtube which were recorded BEFORE the events he predicted.

Has anyone else had any prophetic revelations that are relevant to this?


What do YOU think?


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  1. Renee-95 says:

    This is really scary, i guess he predicted a little early because it is the 11th of March, 2011 but it is still coming true.
    I live in Australia and there was just an earthquake that hit Japan that has caused a tsunami and there are now warnings for Hawaii, the Phillipines, Australia, ect. that there the tsunami is going to hit these countrys esspecially the east coast of Australia.
    I’m praying everyone will be safe.

  2. From the you-tube vid and the kindly reproduced text (by another poster) of the prophecy I am now confused

    It seems that people here are saying the east coast will be hit, but in the prophecy it says

    “(Prophecy by Dr Owuor 03/08/10 (session 7)”
    “And then, on the western horn the north west corner of Australia, He pushed the ocean, the earthquake pushed the ocean. And I see a huge wave a huge high speed wave, its a mountain of water pushed by the earthquake.”

    But then the Prophet talking on the ?Gold Coast talked as if it was there that his prophecy talked of.

    This is so confusing.

    The north west coast has so few buildings to be hit and damages would be minor.

    East coast has many times experienced water on the streets. How is this prophecy different from natural events that have occurred many times before. The East Coast event he talks of in the reproduced text, does not mention the method of the water not stopping.

    Are the recent reoccurring floods what he was talking of as it was the tides combined with river water that caused the floods to run through the streets of Brisbane and the CBD.

    Can someone who was at that meeting please shead more light on what was said please.


  3. Just because he has prophesied and it has come to pass, does not prove that he speaks for God. There IS another source he could be hearing. I don’t think his words line up with New Testament Christianity. I am certainly capable of being wrong. I thought that all God,s wrath over sin was poured out on Jesus.?

  4. I too have a testimony about a coming tsunami – I think its coming to the east coast of Australia within 6 months based on the information given in my dream. My testimony is a bit much to put here, so I’ll just give the link to my website (6000years.org). Heres the webpage link:


  5. Just above is mentioned has anyone else got varification on this subject or such like words that mean the same.

    Well ..I only discovered Dr Owuor this week after I had had a vision of part of a city collapsing into the ocean. I also saw a scene where the sea was rushing up the streets similar to 911 scene but instead of dust, smoke and debri it was ocean. The buildings were tall and it was a little dark. I did not know what city.

    I live in Brisbane near to the Gold Coast where I have been aware before that a tsunami would one day come to that area. I do not wish to mess with anything that Dr Owuor said nor add to it but it is possible we could be seeing the same incident. All I am saying is I began a search after my vision and his prophecy would certainly cover all that I too saw.

    Take head to his words backed up by a call to repentance.

  6. Melly Shell says:

    MY MOTHER HAD THIS REVELATION TOO BUT SHE INTERPRETED AS CYCLONES AND FLOODING THAT ARE COMING FOR THE EAST COAST TOO!! She interpreted as Cyclones because they are caused by the mixture of hot and cold currents. Also because cyclones destructively consume and vomit everything out again. I keep posting it on facebook but the majority of my so called friends abuse me for it. Few believe me and even they don’t believe me whole-heartedly.

    “Write this letter to the Angel of the church in Laodecia. This is the message from the one who is the Amen – the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God’s new creation:

    “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were on or the other! But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! ‘You say, I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing!’ And you don’t realise that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. So I advise you to buy gold from me – gold that has been purified by fire. Then you will be rich. Also buy white garments from me so you will not be shamed by your nakedness, and ointment for your eyes so you will be able to see. I correct and discipline everyone I love. So be diligent and turn from your indifference. Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. Those who are victorious will sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat with my Father on his throne.

  7. To quote the OT passage and then label someone “true” or “false” is erroneous. Every NT Christian is in another league compared to the OT. OT prophets simply parroted what they heard from the Lord. NT prophets have the Holy Spirit, they interpret what they hear as sons, not servants or reporters.

    Also, a warning word is given for the express purpose of the Body praying and cutting it off. Maybe enough Christians responded to the Lord that He was able to intervene in Satan’s Plan. Anyone still holding on to the OT idea that God judges this way is totally missing the heart of God as revealed by Jesus. God’s judgments are easy to discern – everyone dies except a tiny remnant.

    I saw a massive Tidal Wave coming on Oz as far back as 1995. I believe this is the Next Wave of the Holy Spirit on the wider Church. These revelations (and others) are at: http://www.ancientwells.org.au/Pauls_Page.html. I believe what I saw is a Spiritual release of Power to the church. This will also bring judgment – especially to those who oppose what God is doing.

    I think we all need to hear from the Lord a lot more clearly and stop judging based on our own interpretations and understanding.


  8. Is Australia still there or has the Tsunami been called off ?
    Wasn’t it supposed to have happened already?

    • christ is coming 777 says:

      The Tsunami prophecies for 3 Sept were False Prophecy lets be sure of that. They didnt happen as stated and dated, and if you read them you would see they were more divination than anything biblical.

      However, Dr Owuors prophecy for Australia Earthquake & Tsunami is still to be fulfilled. Here is a copy of his prophecy, there are 2 parts:

      Prophecy by Dr Owuor 03/08/10 (session 7)

      “The time is coming when the Lord is going to open Heaven over this land, and the Holy Spirit is going to manifest a lot of works, the healing of people, delivering of people, regardless of where. But listen precious people. There is an earthquake coming to this land. The Lord spoke with me about a HORRIFIC EARTHQUAKE, AN HISTORIC EARTHQUAKE TO VISIT AUSTRALIA.

      And I was there myself, I don’t know, I guess you know how the Lord speaks to His prophets. He puts me in the earthquake, I also ran for my life today and the buildings collapsed on me, so I know what people will feel like on that day. And then, on the western horn the north west corner of Australia, He pushed the ocean, the earthquake pushed the ocean. And I see a huge wave a huge high speed wave, its a mountain of water pushed by the earthquake.

      And the Lord said “THIS LAND MUST REPENT”. The time to engage in sexual sin by the beaches is over because the Lord has sent me here now. Remove false prophecy from the church. Especially false prophecy, that one must be removed because its confusing the church at this hour. I can only speak for the Lord and the Lord He is righteous. Again, there is going to be a historic earthquake now that I have said it here. I see the buildings collapse and people cannot get away, and I see a lot of deaths. Yesterday He showed it to me and today He spoke to me about it, just a few hours before I came when He slayed me, and I went to sleep and He showed it to me again. AND THEN THE EARTHQUAKE CAUSES THAT HUGE PUSH OF WATER, A MOUNTAIN OF WATER, LIKE SO MANY STORIES HIGH, AND PUSHED, A TSUNAMI IS COMING, PLEASE REPENT.

      Please don’t do that.
      Don’t start prophesying on top of it He will strike you.
      The Lord has spoken period.
      Let us prepare for the coming of the King.
      He has healed people here, He has loved people here.
      He is a good God, He wants to love people, He wants to heal the land.
      But let us return to righteousness, because this is the moment for Christ to be enthroned in this land
      Even within the leadership, but let the church begin by repenting

      I have seen a horrific earthquake visit this land, TREMENDOUS HISTORIC, don’t handle this with carelessness, I warn you precious people, the Lord has spoken with me, don’t fool around with this one.
      Haiti fooled around
      The people of Chile fooled around
      Kenya fooled around
      Yushu China fooled around
      New Orleans fooled around before Katrina, 1 month and 9 days before when we sent the messages and they said people here don’t believe that because they say there are many satellites that watch this nation, but it came to pass.

      So don’t fool around with this, IVE SEEN A LOT OF DEATH AND PEOPLE BURIED
      These places He took where even the stairs hit me and buried me, so I had no way out, I had to be dug out, today.
      I am speaking as it has happened and when these things come to pass, then you shall know that the mouth of the Lord, He has spoken here. Then you shall know that the prophet of the Lord has walked here.
      Don’t take this carelessly, please I beg you, I plead with you.
      May the Lord bless you, that you may harken unto His voice.”

      Prophecy by Dr Owuor 31/7/10

      “I have come to announce the controversy between Jehovah and the church in Australia, unless you repent it is going to be horrific. This is the eastern side of Australia … correct? Ive have seen the ocean failing to stop. Around all these places. Yesterday He showed it to me TWICE. He and said “IF THEY DON’T REPENT, TELL THEM THAT THE OCEAN WILL FAIL TO STOP”. It is the same who went and warned Haiti, Chile and Yushu China, and Katrina 1 month and 9 days before it happened. Then everybody laughed and said `do you know how many satellites we have watching of the United States of America, it will not happen`. But on the day it happened, every word to the letter was fulfilled. Listen, why don’t you rebuke sin in your churches.”

      Dr Owuor taught on specific areas of repentance required for the Australian Church in order to prepare for the Lord’s soon coming:

      – repent from all false prophecy, messages designed to make people feel good rather than deal with their sin
      – repent from all types of sexual sin, including pornography, lust, and sexualised dressing
      – repent from the abuse of God’s grace, and the complacency & compromise with sin and the failure of leaders to rebuke sin
      – repent from preaching the prosperity gospel that focuses on an out of balance priority on money & riches now
      – repent from postmodernism, not believing all the scriptures of the bible are for today
      – repent from building the empires of men in the church, and build the Kingdom of God in the church
      – repent from preaching focused on improving lifestyle now, rather focus on preparing the bride to be without spot, blemish or wrinkle for Christs very soon coming
      – teach the centrality of God’s holiness, for without holiness no-one will see the Lord
      – leaders need to mobilise God’s people in repentance

      • If as you say “The Tsunami prophecies for 3 Sept were False Prophecy l”
        Then who was it that made these False Prophesies?
        From everything that had been written here on this site, I was led to the understanding that it was “Dr Owuors prophecy for Australia.”
        Maybe to much information was given, without the proper clarification necessary.
        It would be nice if those posting on such Prophesy’s would refrain from just becoming alarmists.

        • No it was a guy called “weatherbill” on youtube who posted these. He has since publicly repented.


          Dr Uwuor gave no dates. Let that be clear. I thought I made it clear the first time, sorry if it wasn’t.

        • christ is coming 777 says:

          One was clearly false as Michael states which were promoted be the repentant Weatherbill guy. They were `no name` people who thought they had some insight based on `casting lots` style false prophecy. They were listed on a website, I read it & rejected it, we should test all prophecy.

          Dr Owuor’s word is very specific (above) on the event, locations, reasons, but with no date given. Why should he give a date if God has not told him one, he should only give what God tells him, no more, no less. Dr Owuor has a clear history of giving accurate words – Haiti earthquake, Chile quake & Tsunami etc

          There are true prophets and false prophets.
          False prophets cause confusion & their word fails
          True Prophets sound a true alarm – which will happen – take heed!

          • warrior daughter says:

            Dr. Owour’s words:

            A major problem with the prophetic is that people do not know how the Lord speaks to His prophets & that is why so many people will embrace anything when it comes to prophecy.

            I am putting a link to my blog about prophecy titled “When A Prophet Speaks”


  9. warrior daughter says:

    I am still looking for the prophecy from Uwour. I am looking for it in writen form since I have dial up & it takes to long to down load a you-tube video…

    I will say one thing, I am disregarding the blogspot link since one of his witness endorses Edgar Cayce that along with what I have stated before about the blogspot causes me to disregard it…Also the blogspot said it would happen in August & has now changed the date to September 3, or 10, or 11…

    • I am thinking about keeping track of all date setting prophecies because 95% of them are wrong, and Christians need to be more discerning.

      • timotiyos says:

        Yes, that would be interesting to show those inaccurate prophesies on a Web site and list them. Have you visited youtube.com there?
        There we could watch many prophesies there. Yes, many of them are not accurate, some just partially right and partially matching their “words” and their “dates”.
        If you happen to visit South East Asia, you could see and witness yourself how “spirits” talk in those mediums and diviners. These are also prophesies. All the Prophets in the Scriptures have already completed their tasks up to Book of Revelation. We are just waiting for them to happen. There would be no more prophets sent by the Most High. All those prophets in the Scriptures, their language is Hebrew and these prophets are Hebrew. By the way, just visit some temples in South East Asia and see how those spirits heal people! These are delussion for many.

    • I was at the meeting on the Gold Coast. It was at the Yahweh Adonai Church. Dr Owuor prophecied that he saw the ocean failing to stop. He said that this was for the east coast of Australia. He spoke about the urgency of repentance, especially in the church in Australia. He said the church has allowed sexual sin and has made the gospel as an item for sale and has abused His grace. God is very displeased with this and has commanded the people to repent. He has also given a prophecy of a great earthquake in the north west region of Australia. He described it as in the North West horn.
      Deutoronomy 18:22 validates this man as a true prophet, as his past prophecies have come to pass. The bible says he should be feared.
      Let the word of God be the standard when deciding between true and false prophecy. True prophets don’t ever get it wrong, and that is certainly Dr Owuor. God is very specific with prophets when he wants them to speak.

      Here is the link of my video:

      I have all the sessions on dvd.


      Please email me on [email protected] if you would like to assist me in getting this message out to Australia.

      • warrior daughter says:

        I dismissed those who put a date on Owour prophecy because of the how they backed up the date…Was New Zealand in the prophecy???

        A prophet must bring a message of repentance to the people & what I have been able to find out this is what Owour brings….

        A strong earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit New Zealand, 4 miles southeast of Christchurch, the biggest city on the nation’s South Island, in the middle of the night local time, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Friday.

        Some residents posted Twitter alerts talking about power outages, damage and large aftershocks.
        concerning tsanumi:

        A strong earthquake has occurred, but a tsunami IS NOT expected along the California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, or Alaska coast. NO tsunami warning, watch or advisory is in effect for these areas.

        Based on the earthquake magnitude, location and historic tsunami records, a damaging tsunami IS NOT expected along the California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska coasts. At coastal locations which have experienced strong ground shaking, local tsunamis are possible due to underwater landslides.

        At 9:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time on September 3, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 7.4 occurred near South Island, New Zealand
        USGS earlier said the quake measured 7.3 magnitude.

  10. warrior daughter says:

    All we can do is to wait & see if this is a true prophecy…I have just taken a few glances at the link & it seems to be built on fear of a possible up coming event. I generally discard any fear based prophecy. I pay attention when it concerns fear of the Lord…

    I will be on the coast of Oregon (about 75 miles from where I live) on September 4 for a wedding on the beach & I have not had a check in my spirit to stay away from the wedding…

    There seems to be a lot of people using playing cards as lots & then deciphering them…Also people are writing the number 1-10 putting them in a pile & drawing 3 numbers …Birthday dates are also used .This seems to me to be in the same catagory as numerology & tarot reading..These were used as a witness on the blog spot…

    Again we have to wait & see but I am going to go back to the link & dig further into the prophecy….

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