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Todays world is so confused both in christian and nonchristian,Less time is spent seeking God than ever before,so all kinds of foolishness is told.Such as spirits of fear depression,guilt,and every emotion none to man,but thats just it emotion.a real demon will do more than make you feel bad if its inside and as long as you will listen to one on the outside ,Christians must put on the whole armour of God to have victory.Its almost funny that nonbelievers worry more about trying to prove God doesnt exsist than christians trying to prove he does exsist, several years ago in my auto shop,an old preacher would from time to time stop by to visit me,and he would always bring his Bible,and we would discuss a few things,just in conversation,A customer of mine came in and saw Charlie and his Bible ,all of a sudden he came toward us ,took out his lighter and tried to burn the Bible,and said I”ll show you what to do with that book,it shocked me for I have known the man about a year and he seemed ok to me.well Charlie drew away from him but he tried again,so Charlie left kinda in a hurry for fear ,he really would burn it,Charlie being over 65 at the time and not up to this kind of trouble.and the man went on his way.About 2 weeks later my helper asked me if I heard about the man that tried to burn the Bible,I said no what happened,and he said they found him at home in his easy chair,dead,For his sake I would hope their is no God,but I am afraid he has seen him face to face and who can stand in the presence of an angry God!! God”s will is for all to be saved,but if you won”t have it,you need at least leave his people alone ,you might live longer ,you will get there soon enough, The spirit of the devil is not hard to discern,if its opposite of the Bible,then either fight or run,For all those who try to destroy the truth,I would rather be right with God and be fooled than be wrong about not believing on my death bed ,when I stand face to face with a righteous ALMIGHTY GOD!!!!!!!AMEN The gospel came not only in word but in power,his ways are not burdens they set us free.

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  1. msegars420 says:

    thanks so much for your blogs i am a college student, christian. i am in a philosophy class as u can imagine the talks of religion have come up, along with agonist aruging me to prove there is a God. these blogs have helped me find the words i need along with prayer of course. i dont need anyone to prove anything to me i just know he is God. however college being college they want us to be more rounded in all areas i guess, the debates pick back up tom. much to me dreading it i will. ok enough i am rambling just wanted to say thanks!

  2. Holyroller_11 says:

    It seems that as the old saying goes (no good deed goes unpunished) I want to say when your trying to help people with advice or warning people of being in danger of tribulation with God Almighty,there is always someone to find fault,these last days ,christians ,are even greater targets ,I just want to clear up something and this is the end of the story for me,,,,I do not know anyone on this or any other site,but my testimonies are here,for whosoever to read or not,for knowledge sake and faith in todays world,only put them here because ,I fear the Lord,he didnot give them to me ,to hide them under a bussel,,,my typing is terrible,and I miss a key now and them,,but surly as there is a God ,and his Son died for our sins all my post are real.for those who try to tear down good works,well for them I fell sadness for,God will judge at the given time,,,,not here to hinder or cause pain but to work together for the glory of God,,,,thankyou.

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