Trusted Site Users and New Policies

In moderating a site like this it is always a challenge to encourage the good contributors while keeping the spammers out.

To manually approve all comments is a time consuming process.

What is likely to happen is that I am going to upgrade the permissions of people who have been making worthwhile comments and posts. Such people will be able to post comments and blog posts without going through moderation.

At the same time, I will withdraw general permission for registered users to post comments without moderation in some way. Facebook comments will generally be published without this moderation process.

It is unfortunate that it has come to this but it is necessary to protect the site.

What you Can Do

If you have made some posts or comments where you actually say something substantial and you wish to bypass moderation in the future – Log on to your Account and then choose "Apply for Role – Contributor". I will check these applications more in the future. Send me a private message if you do not get a prompt response. Please understand that I only have a limited amount of time myself for this site now and this situation will continue until God provides finances for me to spend my time on it.

Help with Moderation

If you feel called to help out with moderation then please contact me by Private Message. 

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