How can someone trust someone AFTER they look at porn over & over again? not only porn catch him looking at other womens profiles/Pic’s & denies this?! or catch him masterbating? or much worse…feels deep down that you arent what he really wants? because what he looks at isnt what YOU are..but,what you are,what you are married to! i really need some help here..

What do YOU think?



  1. childofjesus says:

    We have not heard anything from your side so far. If you don’t want to share on the main board then you can write to us personally using “Messages”. Its just like writing email.
    You have been led to a very beautiful site.God does not condemn you neither will His People.We are here to help you.Please take this opportunity and share your burdens.God loves you and wants to bless you.Take Care.

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    Dear Tamm,
    First let me acknowledge the pain and defilement and betrayal you are feeling, as well as the overwhelming rejection… These are powerful players in what you are going through!
    Are you married to this guy? Living with him? The answer to those questions are needed to help you out further.
    Pornography is an ADDICTION. It is a fantasy world from hell. He cannot just stop it, without the power of Jesus Christ in his life… so, as personally defiling and degrading to you as it is, it is not necessarily anything personal about you. You can be the most physically attractive woman in the world, and he would still be doing this…. for what that is worth.
    Can you tell me what level of commitment you and he have? Are you married? Living together? Engaged? Jesus can see you through this. Please respond. You are loved!

  3. childofjesus says:

    Hi Tamm,
    i understand your frustration and how you feel like going through all these under the same roof.
    Any kind of addiction brings disaster not only in a person’s life but also in their family too which they don’t realize.I’m looking forward to other believers on this site to offer you some valuable suggestions.

    One thing i can do right now is to pray for you.
    “Father in Heaven, you’ve have seen Tamm’s afflictions. She is frustrated about her life partner’s addiction to porn. Lord, deliver this man from these addictions through which the Enemy is trying to take away the Peace which she has in You. Jesus,in this desperate condition, have mercy on their married life.In Merciful Name of Jesus, i pray

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