True Repentance

I just found this sight early today and have spent hours upon hours enjoying a much needed ministry like this to be able to come to. I made a decision to turn from all the ugly avenues Ive been searching for unfulfilled satisfaction realizing I’ve been running from the only cure almost my entire life. Instead of seeking my daily fix thru lustful gratification in some stranger or internet site as I have seemed to be more and more consumed in as time goes on. I’ve decided to abandon those and look for the real cure I need to overcome. I want to be in God;s will and I know that ultimately, It’s my conscience, sacrifice and obedience needed that hopefully will allow me the privelage again the chance to serve HIm whole-heartedly this time the way HE wants me to. I believe in the prayers of good christian people. I have always believed in its power. Please pray that I will suceed to become as HE desires me to become and that I can be used even if invisibly to do my part in helping others to do the same. Thanks for your prayers and May God bless all of you as well. Sincerely, Arlie Hill

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