True Prophets / Men of God / Bread and Butter Prophets

Hi Saints ,

Listen, I am collating a list of leaders in the Christian world.
This will put to rest , once and for all the perpetual question
of whom to follow , and whom not to.

The list will have 3 main categories.

1.True Prophets
2.Men and women of God
3.Bread and Butter Prophets.

Let me explain.

1.True Prophets:
would be those who seek the True God and not worshippers
of Mammon. They need to be greatly endowed with one or more
gifts. May be TB Joshua or Robert Blessing might make the grade.
The Apostle Paul (aka St Paul ) certainly would.
Samuel of the OT might lead the pack ๐Ÿ˜‰

2.Men of God :
would be those who seek and preach the true God.
They might not be endowed with supernatural gifts.
eg Billy Graham would be good example.

3.Bread and Butter Prophets.
Yes, …..this is what many of the preachers on TV qualify as.
True seekers of Mammon and nothing else.
They preach the Lord , for their bread , butter , …..fancy penthouses ,
beach condos , luxury yachts and air-planes.
No examples need be given. Switch on your TV , and there you have them
clamouring for your tithes ,….saying, “Blessing will come upon you” , …..if you
“sow into their ministry”
prime example: Todd Bentley

Now , listen carefully.
Here comes your part.
Just mail me any of the names you can think of ,….mentioning which category you would
put them into. (Any additional info, or web links , would be a plus)

1.True Prophets
2.Men and women of God
3.Bread and Butter Prophets.

Mail your info to [email protected]
I will collate all the data I receive ,
consolidate it and send each of you a summary of
my findings.


In the Lord


What do YOU think?



  1. Thank you for asking, Doug, and since no one knows the time of His appearing, we can only stay in an attitude of prayer and ‘repence’.

  2. Without the ‘shield of faith’ and other defensive armor, Christians are lost.

  3. It is becoming increasingly difficult for true believers to survive without the help of non-christian 501-3-c ‘corporations. Probably the true believers have become so few that without the soon appearing of the Lord Jesus, mankind is doomed to suffer eternity in the ‘lake of fire’, that is never quenched. People have got learn to keep their ‘armor’ up and keep on throwing stones at the ‘evil one’ Lucifer.

  4. Doug Fankhauser says:

    please send a summary of your findings.May The Lord Bless. Doug

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