To overcome fear of potential harm

Im a 27 year old woman with so much life experience in pain and sufferings. However God has provided favor for me along my journey. This is what gives me such strong faith in moving forward in a postive manner. My biggest trail at this time is the father of my kids. Ive been in a relationship with him for the last 10 yrs. ( yes making me only 16 when I meet him) He is five years of age older than I. Since day one this man has had a life of drugs, stealing and physical abuse towards me. As a teenager I was young and nieve. I always thought that if I loved him enough and stayed loyal he would change. Yes, very wishful thinking. But leaving him was not an option. He would put great fear in me and put hands on me to the point that ive needed stitches. Needles to say he has spent many years in and out of prison. He was incarcerated this last time 3 yrs ago and will be out by christmas of next year. Upon him going back to jail this last time I have told him, we are no longer in a relationship. I have not sent him money or even seen him. He has sent me many threatening letters and is fabricating way out stories about what he thinks im doing while he is away. I have always done very well for myself and my children financially while he is away. Im able to be focused in a postive direction. I dont want to live in fear of his return. Although I know he is very capable of taking my life. I want him to control me no more. However people around are always saying ” what are you going to do when he comes home? Arent you scared?” Its a constant reminder that I will face him again soon and I will have to face the reality of the choice I have now made yet again. My kids are 9 1/2, 8 & 5. They are so amazing and I pray for God to touch their fathers heart and allow us both the blessing to watch our children grow up into humble, successful adults. Any prayers for this matter are GREATLY appreciated!!

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  1. lookingforhope2011 says:

    Ultimately the Lord Jesus is all we need. If anyone needs some uplifting today I have some good thing to share that might help. Get on u-tube and look up David Ring “what a day” and also look up Tommy Bates “there’s someone out there”. Both of these gentleman have many more videos than these. But these really spoke to me and encouraged me this day.

  2. I’m sorry about the situation you find yourself in, I will pray for you but I feel there is something more pressing than prayer and that something is eternal.

    This is probably not what you were expecting when you posted your request for prayer.
    I understood from your post that you were not married to this man. I am not judging you, I only bring you this warning from the Word.
    We often find ourselves in situations of our own doing and yours started a long time ago.
    This relationship, although you have ended it and has birthed three ‘amazing children’, is still an offence to God and God will not let any sin pass Him by without the appropriate punishment in this life or the next, if left unconfessed. Also He will NOT incline His ear to your prayers:
    Isa 59:2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.
    He even turned His head away from His only Son.
    Jesus cried out: “Father why have you forsaken Me”. God did not asnwer Him, why? Because of OUR sins that were pinned to Him on the cross. What chance do we have of Him turning His ear to us if we have unconfessed sin.

    I believe because you put your trust in God, He has kept you safe and also because of His love for you, but don’t ever look at that relationship as being acceptable to Him, because it is not. He didn’t bless you because it was acceptable. He blesses both the just and to a point, the unjust:
    Mat 5:45 That ye may be the children of your Father who is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

    You may have confessed this sin to God (I hope so) but if not, you need to do it NOW. Imagine how He would bless you if you were in right standing with Him?

    In Christ’s love,

    Jesus loves you!

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