To many Chiefs

To many chiefs and not enough indians,every one that bends a knee for 5 minutes thinks he’s a called preacher or scholar,when in fact they need to be taught rather than teach. They rise up fast with a little people skills and soon fall,because of not being tryed in the fire,but when that time comes they fall and bring down many with them. Next they decide the old paths are not nessasary anymore,and lead many on the wrong road.Soon you find praying at the alter for an hour or 2 is holding people up from leaving church in time for the football game.It’s a crying shame that so many christians don’t know what the real HolyGhost power feels like.Even worst than that,have no clue what their faith articals are or their meaning. Babies are teaching babies and both are on a broad path to destruction. Everyone has a different bible,if they don’t like this one because they understand it to well,so they find another that may let them sin a little bid under the lack of understanding. No wonder the question,Will the Lord find faith when he returns? Straddling the fence is a hard life,To be on the front seat when you should be on the back seat,n ot only fools yourself but others as well. Know your history and the teachings of the ladder rain church,there is the truth of the gospel and how to stand when tribulation comes,as it does to all.If the foundations are sound then the house will stand when the storm comes. .KJV turned 400 years old this week.and still the all time best seller.

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