To Flee, or Not to Flee? That is the Question

As an American who sees the undergirding of democracy not simply eroding, but being hit agressively with a wrecking ball, it is a sober time for consideration. I have been blessed with four small children and their future for them is my responsibility to prepare them for. What concerns me most about this American collapse is that we are on the brink of a totalitarian government that has the most advanced tracking technology available to it. Even if the country one would flee to should also become despotic, they will not have the same technologies that we currently have dispersed among our population.

The time is indeed short and now is the time to decide. Do I stay here and we die for Christ if need be, or do we flee and seek a nation where Christianity is growing and find our place “in the corner of an attic” rather than sitting at the table with a “stalled ox and a contentious woman”? Is there another place on earth with another generation or two of relative freedom?

The Church grew in the beginning because believer scattered when the Church in Jerusalem was persecuted. Looking at those who fled Nazi Germany and came to America – it sure looked like a good decision from my vantage. Yet, to stay when one sees what is coming, is it folly?

I am interested in your thoughts on this. Thank you!

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