To all those I care about

This is a message to all those wonderful people on this web sight that I have come to get to know and care about,I havent posted any thing in a while because my minestry is rerally taking off and I am getting ready to do my first live christian interview on the T.V. so I just wanted to let all of you know I am still looking at this web sight daily but I just dont have time to make comments.I really appreciate all the prayers that I have recieved from people on here about my up coming big conferance and the growth of my minestry.I believe this is the greatest web sight there is because Michael the creator of this web sight really caresallot about people on this sight and he has been gifted with wisdom about many topics that are so important to discuss.So even though I may not post any thing I just every one to know I care deeply about several of you.Thanks Tim Thompson

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  1. Father, give extraordinary grace to Tim Thompson as he goes on TV and may many people be set free because of his testimony and ministry. Keep him safe, deliver him from all traps of the enemy. And may the glory of Jesus Christ be upon his face.


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