Time to get real with God

I heard some speakers talk about how important it is to be holy and pure but we need to make sure that we dont fall in to religion.See catholics,mormons,jehovah witnesses,and some other so called religious groups like to where robes and look nice but we need to remember that Jesus Christ looks at the heart of us all.Jesus wants a real personel relationship with us because he loves us and he wants only the best for us.Look at these scriptures MT 15:8,MT 15:9,LUKE 11:39,LK 11:42,LK 11:43,LK 11:44-47,LK 13:24,LK 18:9,LK 18:11-12,LK 20:46,2 COR 5:12,MT 22:30 and TITUS 1:16.All these scriptures relate to one topic and that is being religious isnt going to get you to heavon.Wearing a fancy robe isnt going to get youto heavon,the only way youwill get to heavon is if you truely love Jesus Christ and you admitted your sins.So many people are trying new ways to impress God and their trying new ideas to look or act real spirtual but theres nothing we can do that impresses God.2 TIMOTHY 3:7 says always learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.So many christians really believe that once saved always saved,or porn is ok because of Gods grace,please listen to me I know a woman who was only 47 who died and she was perfectley healthty and ond day diagnosed with cancer and 4 months later died.So many people were in shock but me and some others were not surprised at all this woman was warned over 20 times for being a false prophet,ladies and gentle we need to understand that even if you church doesnt believe in the fear of God or your good friends dont believe in the fear of God we need to repent daily and seek Gods face daily.So many christians are getting a divorce,falling in to all kinds of sexual sins,leaving the truth for a false doctrine or just walking away from the truth and so many times I hear people say why would they do that butt if we can really get to know how many people lived its easy because most christians I meet want to serve God under their demands and expectations.People its time to get real with God,God loves you and he sees your heart.Its time to quit playing gamesand acting like a christian the time is now to be a christian.We are more concerned about fancy clothes,sound systems,new carpet and nice seats but we need to repent and start looking at the heart of God.Religion is dead but Jesus Christ is alive so please humble your self to day and seek his face because he really does love you and he really wants you to know him.If your batteling with a certain sin and you havent told know one,than today is a good day to drop to your knees and repent……….Tim

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