Time to break the chains

So many people think Satanist, witches or those in the Occult kill, rape, threaton, steal, harm, terrorize, kidnap or beat on some one just for fun. What so many people don’t realize is if you can’t find love and respect in your home you will find it some where. So many people I have met and I used to know did things not because it was cool or funny but because they wanted to be loved and accepted. So if a demon, Satan or a person says do this or that for your father Satan you will do it. I am not trying to make excuses for people doing cruel things but I am asking you to please put your self in some ones shoes before you cast judgments on them. See if Satan comes to you and says I will love you and I see your broken heart, I see the rejection and pain you have gone through, you will take heed to his voice. The beast is alive and he wants your soul and you to perform his sick and cruel deeds. Get ready church. So many dont realize they can make a differance if their willing to just pray for some one and speak life over people in prayer and speak life over differnt parts of cities.So many people have turned their hearts towards God because some one decided to do  something uncommen and that is just give with expecting nothing in return.I have fed homeless teens before that offerd me free sex,I have held the door open to a gas station for a prositute,I have stayed awake all night long with strangers because some one they loved was in the hospital,so dont act like the world in your love act like Christ and just do the unexpected thing.I was in line and this couple didnt have enough money for all their stuff so I took care of it,see be servents at all times.

Psalm 107:14 (New King James Version)

 14 He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death,
         And broke their chains in pieces.

 How do we break chains walk in love.

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