THY GRACE – The accidents I survived : I

Here, I highlight few of the incidents which I find it was due to the mercy of our Lord that I am alive today. This one being the first of its kind I put forth for public view and wish to publish few more for the perusal of the Christian believers’ circle so that His name be exalted always!

It was first week of January 1966 when I was serving the nation at the capacity of a soldier, I was granted 64 days of Annual Leave from one of my units situated some where in the northern sector of our army units and I was very eager to return as early as possible to join my family members in southern part of India. I was needed to travel for 5 days in which three trains and little road travels were included. As part of my journey, I started in one trains from my starting point which normally takes 16 hrs to reach New Delhi (The capital of India), from where I needed to change the train.

My scheduled train was in the evening, about 8 PM for Madras (the second changing station of train journey). The travel conditions those days were not that modern as of today, one trains and thousands of passengers in third class status to travel, in which me too was one of them. The train placed in the platform in its appointed time, the curious passengers pending en-training was eager to jump in to one or the other compartment to make sure they get a place for their passage to their respective locations, I also was not exception. I have less luggage, worth carrying self, held it under my arm-ring kept my eyes on the unfenced windows one by one, caught hold of one window, ran along with the slowing but about to stop strain, threw my suit case inside the compartment, taking advantage of my comparative height, jumped into the compartment, unaware what is going to happen next!

The eager crowd of people, most of them army-men like me, started throwing their luggage into the compartment to make sure their belongings are inside and they can at least make sure they have a place to travel. In the hustle and bustle I had fell down to the floor, and the incumbent luggage including big and small boxes, suitcases bed-holders etc were dropping in rapidly but on my person (body) as I was lying down. Within seconds I could feel heavy pile of luggage heaped upon my body, unable for me to move and even breath and I was feeling suffocated and chocked and I was feeling I was going to a deep ditch and fainted. I could feel I am going to die soon! When I found me conscious, I was circled by number of passengers on-board, fanning me with the help of news papers and talking about the wonderful escape “the chap” could get! Yes it was a wonderful escape indeed! I was ALIVE again! I was a VIP for few minutes only and became normal to join others in our journey fun.

Yes brother or sister I forgot God Almighty who saved me within minutes! I forgot of my miraculous escape from death! I forgot my SAVIOR! It is not my reciprocating love that God loved me, it is His AGAPE love, that I am alive today! Let us not forget the wonderful Love God bestowed upon us that He forsook His only begotten son for our cause. Praise Him!
God Bless!

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