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What do you believe, is the aspect of your christian life that is most attacked by the enemy?
Reading the Word.
Blending with other believers.
Your testimony.
Your stand.
Your desire for things of the Lord.
Your love for the Lord.
Your pursuing seeking heart to run the race set before you.

These are just a few that come to mind. For me it would be the first two because I find that once my feeding and drinking is affected, I get weakened and it impacts on all the others that follow.

So my question is this.
How aware are you, that you are being attacked in this way by the enemy and how do you seek the Lord to strengthen you to overcome these attacks?

Thank you for posting today. God bless.

Yes Sister! I am set to afford to scratch owing the questions in mind.

First: Reading the Word.
Yes it is my delight. It is my regular practice to read the Bible, at least one chapter either of Old Testament or new, with one chapter of Psalms as for the satisfaction. In addition I, read multilingual bible in Hindi (my national language), English, Malayalam (my mother tongue)and Chinese Mandarin when ever I get time to spare in order to avoid bragging or wasting time and money by calling my club members on telephone. I put the link location below in case of use of some of my brothers or sisters reading me:-…

Second: Prayer.
Apart from my family get together on prayer in the evening and morning, I have my personal prayers to my Lord of my needs with thanks giving for one and all I received, receiving or expected to receive through my supplications. Any body can take it for granted that no count and no comparison towards God’s love to me and the grants I have from Him.

Third : Fellowship
I was born to one of the Pentecostal Churches in India, but ever since I was self established hated it of the rules and regulations and I had my own justifications and judgments which always irked me and kept me away from the flock. But of late I have no way other than submitting myself to the impositions and limitations in Jesus, which help me grow in my spirit. We have a very good prayer network and once we submit our needs before the church it goes to the “prayer circle” and we get the result.
I feel sorry when I compare me with the saints since I was a rough and rude soldier, specially enlisted in the intelligence department where I had undertaken very inhuman methods of interrogations of the victims. But as of now, I submitted all in Calvary and I am a blank person and enjoying the love and affection of the fellowship we have.

Forth : Blending with other believers.
Yes. God is there where “two or three gathered in His Name. Every alternate day we have cottage meetings, fasting prayers, functions of Sunday school kids and many more meetings which make our believers to inter-act each other, understand them and uphold each other in prayers. In that way each one of the believers are bonded in the prayers.

Fifth : Your (my) testimony.

I was lost, but regained in His love! I was dead, but now living in Christ. I was a drunkard, now drinks the love of God through His Words. I was a chain smoker of 40 cigarettes for 50 years but not now. I was a short tempered person who once tried to kill self but God saved me miraculously which I was not happy, asking God why I was rescued (?) But I know He certainly has His plans about me. May be the least pot for the least work but there is some plans on me, Praise The Lord! I miraculously escaped from very serious accidents while on service and after. I was healed miraculously of a clot on brain and few of the heart ailments. Yes I received lot of things as if I am asking my bodily father. Yes, Jesus is my redeemer, wonderful counselor and mighty God! Amen!

Sixth : Your (my) stand.

I understand I am the least of the last in the order but I am sure I am going to gain my reward as the servant received his share equal to the first person on service of the day.

Seventh : Your desire for things of the Lord.

I shall decrease, but He shall increase in me.

Eighth : Your love for the Lord.

“Oh! Lord, Thou knowest all things!” as told by Peter to Jesus on His resurrection.

Ninth: Your pursuing seeking heart to run the race set before you.

Here I wish to mention the verse of the epistle of St. Paul to Philippians Ch 3, Vs: 13 &14 .

Yes sister, it is the present state, it was horrible if looked back to the past and I am sure I will reach the goal I am aiming at! Praise God!

01/08/2011 morning at 0701 hrs

Now, I really gave up the actual question that how I coup up with the enemy in the attacks.
Now, I am well equipped with the “WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD” as it is mentioned in the epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians Ch:6, Vs 12 & 13. True, I now submit myself to the directives from my “shepherds” and obey them without turning right or left. I keep every step of my life with thanks giving and fear in Jesus which gives me victory over my barbarous and selfish attitude of life.
God Bless

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