THY GRACE= A dream which authenticated Lord’s consideration for me

I was a person. preferred to live a life of my own fame and name always whether in service or out of service at home. I was born to a born again and spirit filled family, which always gave importance to The Lord first and then the remaining. But to my selfish motive of so-called LQ (leadership quotient) I left the church to join some one else very close to my parent church which again to show my revenge to some of the members of the parent church of my disgust. I was happy that the new church accepted me with all my foul style of life like smoking and at times drinking habits and provided me a “respectable” seat among them.

One night, when I was sleeping I saw a strange dream which made me to think of it time and again and gave me an insight of my folly. The dream was like this:-

“I gained wings worth fly aloft, on to the sky, and I had companionship of smiling birds to fly along with me in the sky, swinging up and down, flying very high and diving down till the sea tops and again swing back to the sky like an airplane! I was very very happy and rejoiced in the new strength I gained to fly and the development *I enjoyed in flying along with the birds! I was so over joyed that I started to sing aloud to the flying beats of the birds. But the rejoicing scenario did not last for long. The group of birds after some time flew up very fast to heaven and vanished to my dismay! Although I was weightless while flying, once I lost my companionship of birds and when I became alone, I felt I am gaining weight and coming down towards the earth, to fall in to the sea! I cried and cried to the Lord saying “OH LORD SAVE ME, OH LORD SAVE ME! …. Suddenly a giant rope appeared in front of me, I caught hold of it, which started swinging left and right to touch the sky on both the ends. The speed of the rope reduced and slowly came down to a stop to find me atop the water of the sea, where a pillar sufficient for a man to stand on it appeared and I was stationed on it.
A loud and gentle voice came to saying, “you be there in your entire life, you will never feel tired or feel hungry or thirsty. Because I shall care for thee”.
Yes. The Lord Cares for me! Praise be to His Holy Name! What so ever I am, it is because of His Grace! Amen

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