Thus saith the Lord

Thus saith the Lord, unto the Church

You continually equate yourselves with My chosen people Israel. You also claim all of the blessings I bestowed upon them.
Blessing was only the first part of what I always said to Israel. You also have to remember the curses.
You do now constitute My chosen people, by promise to My servant Abraham, by accepting the Messiah I sent to Israel.
I have blinded them for a season, that My grace would shine on all men.
Therefore, you are entitled to claim all of the blessings, as My people, you are also responsible for all of the curses that fall upon your Nation.
With blessing and cursing there must of necessity be responsibility. The responsibility of the curse that has overtaken any Nation, rests upon the shoulders of the people claiming knowledge of Me, and My Messiah.

“Yes”, there is a curse upon your Nation.
This curse comes upon any Nation, as a witness from Me, as to the condition of that Nation.
All authority has been given to you who believe, both in Heaven, and Earth.
Having this authority means you have been given power, both to bind, and loose, in order that My Son would be glorified in the Earth.

With My authority, and power, also comes the responsibility for not using the authority you have been given.
My Church has abdicated its position in your society, you are responsible, because the acknowledging of My name has left your society. This Nation now denies you the right to Worship Me.

The form of Government you have, is the same as Israel obtained.
This Nation does not, and has not wanted Me, to rule over it. You wanted the respect of the other Nations of the World, by setting up a powerful ruler like they had.
So, little by little over the course of your brief history, you have become, like all of the other Nations of the World.

Even so, I have made provision for My people, and the Nation in which they live. In order that they may escape the curse.

You are My Temple, how much the more would I bless you, if only you would come together in the Unity of my Spirit, standing in the full stature of My Messiah, Him being the Head.

I have called you out of darkness, stand therefore in My light.

The darkness is this world of the flesh, your Egypt, the bondage in which you were held.
You have been given freedom from bondage, by My Son, therefore you ought to pray.
The light in which you now stand is My Kingdom. “I the Eternal, am your God”.
You now have the responsibility to reprove the Darkness, being the Children of Light.

The form of Government you have, is a “World Order.”
My children, you are in this World, but you have no need to be a part of it.
I have told you what your position towards this World Order is, so PRAY.
All authority is Mine, I give it to whom I please.
I make Kings both to rise, and fall, to fulfill My purpose in the Earth.
The form of Government you have in this Nation, is like all of the other Governments of the World, they are all corrupt.
Anyone participating in this corruption is guilty.

Awake out of your sleep, as a Holy people you need to repent of your sin, by putting your faith in Me.
I have already decided who would have the rule over you, according to the sin of your Nation.
You will have the leaders you deserve, if you repent, they will be for the Good, if you do not repent, they will be for the Evil.

Come up to My Holy Mountain, let the God of Jacob, be your God, I have given all authority to those who believe.
You can change the course of your Nation, and change the “curse” into blessing, if only you believe.
You need not, and should not participate in the elections of men.

Your part is to Pray, as my Priests.

Remember the curse, if you do participate, you too become abominable to Me.

When you vote, you become responsible for the setting up of the Principalities, Powers, and the Rulers of Darkness of this world, also the loosing of Spiritual Wickedness in High places. “They” will then, have the rule over your Nation.
Your participation in a World System, by which “YOU” choose who would have the rule over you, is the turning over of your authority, given to you by My Son, “to Satan”.

No complaint can then be made to Me, as to the actions of those, you have put in authority over you.
Do you not remember, how Israel came to Me, asking for a King that they could see?
I showed them what he would be like, but they said, “we would have a King over us.”


You shall judge the world, and angels, how much more the things that pertain to your life.

You go about choosing who would have the rule over you, when you say, “I AM YOUR GOD!”

Awake to My light, and “PRAY!”

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