this isnt fair

i have recently told you guys that i got into porn and i said that i wanted out. I i hadn’t for like 3 weeks and tonight i relapsed. I feel that over the past couple of weeks i have gotten closer with Christ and i really felt like i was becoming who i am meant to be. But this struggle with porn is time consuming and I HATE IT. I want it gone and out of my life forever. I need help. Please can you guys help me

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  1. I have read you report and I do understand what you are dealing with. My first question is; Are you married & Do you have Children? I will tell you that there is no good outcome by being addicted to anything. If you got involved with this by thinking that it will spice up your marriage. I can tell you that it will do just the opposite. Anything that causes you to Sin is against what God wants for you. I hate to tell you this but it is also hurting your spouse. She was a gift from God & no matter Who she is. It hurts her feelings for it shows no respect for her. If you have children; you can just as easily be enticed to look at them sexually instead of fatherly. Plus if you are on drugs or acohol you are partaking of a spirit that is not the spirit of God. The best way to stop is by getting rid of any pornograhy in your home and life. Then go & do things with your family and confess your problem before God and plead his blood over your situation. Ask him to divert your eyes from evil & if you have these chanels on TV. Cancel & block them. Put yourself into gardening or painting or Fishing. Mostly put yourself in Gods Hands. I do know the reSult of porn on a man and what it caused him to covet. If you must desire, desire after god & the blessings he brings. If you can’t do any of these things lean on your wife & ask her to help you do them but no matter what you deside to do seek the Lord and lean not on your own understanding! Your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

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