This is what God has done for me

I have been cancer free for one year. My Lupus has been in remission for four months. I have had depression free days for three months. I have been anxiety free for three weeks. I have been walking God’s path through reading worship and praise for twelve years. Many times during that twelve year journey I have turned back to my old ways of worrying, over spending, disrespecting and disobeying the ones I love and lying.
In 2009 I was very ill mentally, spiritually and physically. Now that I look back on it I suffered much the same as King Saul. Migraine headaches, anxiety attacks, and anger plagued me yet still I was proud and boastful. I was proud of all I had, my weight, my job, my son, my looks. Like any other self professed Christian I went to church almost every Sunday. I attend two churches a catholic and a Pentecostal church. I told everyone how much I loved and believed in the word of God and I really did believe that until the depression came. It swept me away from the security of God I thought I had. I felt lonely, rejected, ugly, pitiful, and sad. As my migraines worsened the Lupus flared and I was hospitalized 4 times with in a six month period. I took six months off of work to recover and when I returned I was an outsider. I realized everything move on ahead and I needed to catch up. I worked hard to do so and each time the Lupus and the migraines worsened. I felt hopeless and considered giving up.
One day I was so desperate for hope, love and peace of mind I searched the internet for something uplifting to read and I came across a Christian poem. It described God’s love and Jesus sacrifice for our salvation in a way I never imagined. The young woman in the poem decided to take on God as her boyfriend; however God had some pretty high demands to make of her if she were going to follow Him. She needed to give up her past, and stop worrying about her future, she needed to stop trying to find approval in people and look for it in God. She needed to accept that God made her as a beautiful creation in his image and accept how much love he had for her and all that he wanted to share with her. She fought and argued but in the end God’s promises won and she dropped everything and began to follow Him. That was my wake up call.
I began to read God’s word everyday and the scriptures spoke to me and the condition of my heart. I became happy again taking pleasure in the simple everyday routine of life, and marveling at how amazing God’s creation really was. The next month I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and needed to leave my job. My finances, family, hair and my body would undergo a dramatic change. One would think I would have slipped back in to depression but I didn’t. I stayed strong in the Lord. I was present and aware of my situation and prayed over every decision I needed to make to insure quality care and peace of mind. This constant praying was not only for me but for the medical professionals I was turning my life over to, for my care givers and for my family.
Needless to say I made it. I still have days where I want to run and hide under a rock and wait for the storms of life to pass. When this happens I run to God. I rebuke the devil out loud (I use to think this was ridiculous). I pray for deliverance and confess my sin and iniquity to God right away, asking for forgiveness peace in my mind and a happy clean heart. He has healed my body. He is healing my mind and heart, and I love Him for it.

What do YOU think?



  1. Awesome,Tim I have also heard some really great teachings by Dr. Caroline Leaf.
    She is a Christian Dr. of neuroscience.She holds that 87-95 % of illness begins
    in the brain.Since we are wired for love, thoughts that we have contrary to this
    (negative emotions; fear,hate,etc.) produce toxic chemicals that can cause disease. Thoughts are structural “things”(matter) in the brain.They look like trees.We are continually growing”branches”.Negative thoughts grow
    into black, sick looking trees. Good news though,through the renewal of our minds we can change that! Thinking the way Christ does can actually change the way our brains look, and affect our bodies!!!!! You can look her up for more
    info.,I found it fascinating.

    As a man thinks,so is he.

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    Your story is very encouraging. My wife and I were down and out Christians for over 6 1/2 years before the Lord delivered us… but we had to acknowledge our sin and turn from it FIRST. This can be read at

    Some things we learned about sin, are that it is the condition of the heart and it affects the mind and body. "for out of the heart proceed murders, adulteries, etc." We also learned of the spirit, mind, body connection and how our bodies produce or suppress chemicals under certain thought patterns… Here are some "spiritual roots" to the things you mentioned… let me know if these are true to the spiritual issues you overcame before the symptoms lifted.

    Migraines: The blood vessels in the head have very little free space between the skull and skin to operate. If they become enlarged, they press against the nerves and cause great pain. Histamines are vasco dilators… they enlarge the blood vessels. When we are in fear or anxiety, our histamine increases in the blood and one side effect is the blood vessels enlarge – this is God's way of getting us equipped to fight or flight.

    Couple this with feeling bad about yourself and our bodies suppress another chemical (dopamines, if I recall of hand) the "feel good" chemical that also serves as a vasco constrictor. This means it causes the blood vessels to constrict. So, when you have self conflict, ie, you are angry at yourself over something, or how you do this, or that or should do this or that, or "why didn't I …?" kind thinking, we get down and now we have a problem.

    The blood vessels in the sensitive areas in the head have 1) a chemical sent to open up the vessel and 2) the loss of chemical intended to keep proper constriction, hence 3) over-dilation of vessels pressing against nervous system in the head, and migraines resulting….

    LUPUS – is an auto immune disease. These are the body carrying out the orders of our heart. We hate ourselves to the point of death and the body responds to the death wish by putting out a hitlist. Our T cells which are created to defend us, now are enlisted to destroy us. They target vital areas for that destruction and treat them like the intruder. In the case of lupus, the cells target vital organs. In the case of Multiple schlerosis, they target the wall of our nervous systerm, in the case of diabetes, they target the pancreas, etc.

    When we come out of agreement with the enemy in these areas of our lives, and into agreement with God and His love for us, when we accept His love and approval as being more dear to us than the approval of man, and cease that idolatry, we are set free from the sin, and our bodies can then recover.

    Is this accurate to your experience, sister?


  3. Blackmagicrescue says:

    Nice story! Command all that illness out of you in the NAME OF JESUS!

    Call it by their names! And send it OUT! Take authority outloud over ALL of Satans armies, principalities, strongholds, illness, cancer, demons, spirits and BREAK THEIR POWER in the name of the Living Lord Jesus!

    BELIEVE and YOU WILL BE HEALED! It may take some time, but it WILL happen! 

    Anxiety, depression, etc..all those are principalities and evil spirits from Satan..SEND IT TO THE PIT..out of your mind, body, soul, spirit, emotions and will..break ALL grey chords that are attaching these spirits to you in the name of Jesus and BE FREE!

    Halleluia! Praise God!

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