This Is very Significant in the P83 war!

Jordanian Prime Minister Marouf Al Bakhit on Wednesday telephoned his Syrian counterpart Adel Safar to discussed boosting relations between Jordan and Syria, the Jordan Times reports.

During the conversation, Bakhit stressed Jordan’s concern for Syria’s stability, expressing hope that calm will be restored in the Kingdom’s northern neighbor.

He also underscored Jordan’s confidence in the ability of the Syrian leadership to handle ongoing protests in the country in the best interest of Syria and its peopl

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  1. Bikelite says:

    Jordan will bring Syria into this war not Lebanon… !

  2. Bikelite says:

    You have to understand this war .. its going to be Like a Vacuum…along Israel … and then it will be clean!

  3. Bikelite says:

    As Understand this war when it gets going will be very short and ruthless.. We will see…. israel is Gods Time Line!

  4. Bikelite says:

    As I understand when the P83 war starts revvving up Jordon will ask Syria for help … thats what brings Syria into the P83 war and then Dam… is toast…

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