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Hie there my name is Kudakwashe Karupa I am a Zimbabwean and thus live in Zimbabwe.I can say that I didn’t know Jesus although I claimed to be a christian.In my quest to know Jesus I started to read the bible intensively and also to search on the internet and God directed me to several websites including this one.I searched about the Holy Spirit but I did not find satisfactory answers until I read Michael’s Testimony but still I did not find what I really wanted .Fortunately I read an article posted by Michael on this website about the Holy Spirit ,it is a detailed article and an exhaustive one that I recommend everyone to read .I read it until I reached a point when I was to speak in tounges ,I prayed the prayer in the article and went on to pray my own and just like that l began to speak in tounges.
Thank you Michael for telling me that the Holy spirit is a gift given to us and we can ask for it contrary to other preachers who preach otherwise.

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  1. Thank you Karupa for testifying of this. Its very encouraging when you hear back of someone that was helped through your testimony or writings.

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