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Thank you so much for your replies to  my testimony. I know there are people who are suffering worse than my family. These are one of the things that we realised. And we have taken many things for granted. All these years before, we were just comfortable in our own normal world. I think that this experience has made us realise so many things.

We realised The love of God-its not like He is way up there in Heaven and we are way down here on earth. But we realised that He is so close and personally involved in our lives.

We realised the reality of His Love-before it was just words that we hear again and again ‘God Loves us’, we hear it at Church, we hear it from Friends ‘God Loves you’; but you know what like in Job, it was really like as if all this time ‘we have heard of Him’ and now ‘we have seen Him’. Can you imagine that-seeing Him; Seeing His mercy for us-sinners?

And you know what else we realised, we realised like it happened to Peter- there may be so many times in our lives that we may have denied Jesus but the aching truth is that even then, He will never abandon us. He will never leave us.

We realised the time that we have lost – wasted time being angry with our loved ones; taking each other for granted; And assuming that there will be tomorrow. And how we have put things for later.

We realised that there are ‘other people’ out there, who need strength and they need to know where to go to, they need to know that they can go to Jesus.

I couldn’t let this experience just go by. I couldn’t let this experience just become an experience of the past that will be soon forgotten. I couldn’t allow us to take the Love of Jesus for granted. I will not let us as a family go back to being ‘normal’ but instead ‘special’. I won’t allow for this experience to be a ‘bad’ experience. We decided that we are going to turn this into good. Once you decide this…its like as if the flood gates open and you begin to find so many ways that you can make this into good. That’s why we decided to give this testimony. We realised we can turn the ‘bad’ into ‘good’.

We realised and learnt how to overcome. One thing at a time-the physical pain, the physical tiredness, the feeling of being alone in our struggle. We learnt this only through Jesus. Because he showed us how to overcome these things through his own suffering on the cross. He could have so easily just been God and snapped His fingers or waved  His hand to make things right. But He didn’t. He kept quiet and suffered the persecution. He overcame the agony upto death. Jesus had a choice on the cross-to be man or God. But He chose to be man. He allowed Himself to suffer. He forgave us. And all that suffering He chose to go through so that today you and me know where to go to for strength.

I asked myself, why are we going through this? The answer, I realised is that it was only by going through this difficulty that we came to know Love-His Love-the only True and pure Love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That’s why when you fall deep down in the pit, the deeper and darker it is, the more you will know how far down Jesus reached His hands into the pit to save you. You will know how far He came for you. All you have to do is reach out and give Him your hand so that He can lift you out.

I realised if Jesus suffered on the cross for me, then I can overcome all things for Him. I decided I am going to try to earn His Love even though I don’t deserve it. I know I can never earn it or measure up to that. But He loved me. He suffered for me. And I love my Jesus. I decided I can’t let Jesus suffering go waste. I can’t let my mother’s suffering go waste. You too must share your experiences and tell all you know and as many as you know, in how ever or what ever way possible. You too can decide today, that you will follow Jesus, be his victory, stand up and overcome the devil through every little thing and give Jesus the victory even up to death. He did it for you. So be strong even if it is difficult. Even if it is not always as you plan.

Keep being strong. Overcome the devil through each and every little thing-even the smallest little thoughts and actions. It all comes down to two choices: is what I am going to do right or is it wrong? Is what I am going to say right or wrong? Is my feelings right or wrong? There is no grey area. There is nothing in between.  There is always a choice. There is always a reason.

Sometimes you may not realise it, God chooses you to be His instrument to reach out to His children. And I thank and praise God that He has chosen us to be His instrument.

We also realised that sometimes the there are things that we pray for like ‘Please Lord take this suffering away from us; please let there be a miracle’. We have realised that things don’t turn out always as we want, and our prayers are not always answered the way we want, and it is not as we planned. Our hearts fell and broke every time we got more bad news. In those moments we couldn’t understand anything and why these things were happening. But we know now why and that it was all for the right purpose. He is our Father and all we have to do is trust Him and walk with Him, along the path that is ahead of us wherever it may lead. It may be difficult but don’t be afraid.

There are so many more things to tell. The more I pray and think about it the more I realise these simple truths, which were actually always there right in front of us all these years. Anyway I wanted to share these things with you all because I just couldn’t let my mothers suffering be a waste. I couldn’t let the suffering that my family went through during this time go waste. I couldn’t let it all slip into the past and be forgotten. I just didn’t want to go back to the way things were and taking my Lord, my Saviour, Jesus Christ for granted.  I just couldn’t let His suffering on the cross for me, for us, for you not mean anything.

God Bless You. Be at peace in Jesus. You will find the rest that you need.

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