The Utopian nightmare

The occult inspiration of the enlightenment in Europe between the 17th and 18th century has been responsible for millions of people being drawn into Gnostic style philosophies and sciences. The principal focus of this revolution was in social sciences such as economics and psychiatry.

Many idealists at this time held a genuine belief that mankind was capable of forging himself a utopian dream based, not upon biblical truths, but on occult philosophies derived from the practice of freemasonry, rosicrucianism and alchemy.

The new sciences became a replacement for traditional Christian faith and many of those who still professed Christianity could be more accurately described as pseudo or Gnostic Christians. The principals of the enlightenment were almost all connected to some elite secret society whose goals and motives were not the common good of humanity, but the establishment of a world system of government grounded in occult beliefs.

The satanic nature of the utopian dream can be witnessed in the end results of many of the programs initiated these men.

The writings of Charles Darwin have not only been used as a basis for the argument that all life evolved naturally, but, together with Thomas Malthus’s pseudo scientific studies into population growth and the sustainability of food supplies, gave birth to the evil science of “Social Darwinism” by which it was deemed acceptable to wipe out the weaker members of the human race.

Adolf Hitlers Nazi government were not the only enthusiasts for such an inhumane and barbaric belief. Most of Europe, North America and Australia embraced Social Darwinism and its core philosophy remains at the heart of governmental decisions to this day.

It is not hard to understand that the utopian dream espoused by these satanic men is a nightmare for the majority of the population of the world.

The Bible tells us Kingdom of God is the only utopia that will remain forever.
We are encouraged to give up everything we have in order to enter in to it.
Jesus has made it possible through His death and resurrection. We only need to believe in Him.

God bless,


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