The Truth About God

Do you ever wonder about things?

Do you wonder who you are?

Do you ever ask, "Why am I here?"

Have you ever asked if there is a plan or meaning to your life?

Have you ever asked if there is a reason why the world is here?


I want you to know about God.

There is a God.

It is God who made the world.

It is God who gave you life.

Your parents had a role in your coming to earth.

But God had a plan for you before the world was made.

Do you want to know God's plan?

Do you want to be all you can be?


How can anyone really know the truth about God?

How can we be sure God is real?

Can we trust what our parents say about God?

Some parents say God does not exist.

Others say they don't know.

Still others say there are many gods.

Or you can make up your own mind.


If you make up your own mind,

Will you be right?

How can you know the truth?

Did God ever come to earth

To plainly show us who He is

So there would be no misunderstanding?


Dear one, God did come.

He didn't come to force us to believe in Him.

He came to show us the character of God.

He did show some of His power,

But not enough to frighten us

Or force us to believe in Him.


The only way to know

The real truth about God

Is if God shows you the truth.

Just hearing what someone else says

Is not enough.

You must have a solid revelation

You need an encounter.

Then only you will know.

Until then its only guesswork.


There was a time

When the world was not in such pain.

When all things were beautiful

And darkness did not rule in the hearts of people


There was a time

When man and woman walked in paradise

When God and man walked together

In the cool of the day


There was a time when God looked on all

that He had made

And said, "It is very good".


Think about it.

The things we see did not make themselves.

They didn't happen for no reason.

The things we see point to the One our eyes

cannot see – at least for now.


Why did evil come into the world we live in?

How did it happen?

If God is good, how did evil get here?

Why didn't God stop the evil,

If he really loves the people of the world?


The Bible tells us the story

Of how evil came to rule in our lives.

It is a sad story, that began on that day

When the man and the woman did not trust God

But trusted a snake instead, who made promises

to them. Promises that were not true.


The spirit in that snake led our first parents astray.

And ever since that time,

We have been listening to the Snake.

The spirit of Satan has been ruling in the world

Through people who have been deceived

Who have been blinded

Who have been cheated of what they could have and be

To serve a false god who is leading them to destruction.


The story until here is quite sad.

But the story does not end here.

God has not left us alone

Even though we all deserve it.


Even after the first rebellion of man against God

God spoke and promised a Savior

God said the Savior would be One

of the Children of the Woman


Many years passed by

And many things happened

God spoke with a few people

But most people never got to know the truth


But after such a long time

When everything was finally ready

God sent the Savior into the World


The Savior did not come as a king,

In a royal palace, or with special advantages.

He came as the child of a poor but holy woman

Who trusted God's Word to her

And believed God's promise.


That woman's name was Mary.

She was the mother of a child

Whose only Father was Almighty God.


The Child was different.

He didn't sin like other boys.

He never did the wrong thing.

He loved the Word of God,

And loved to do what pleased God.


This child grew up in the Land of Israel.

He really lived among us.

You can visit the places where His feed trod.

And see the sights that He would have seen.


The child grew into a Man.

And finally the day came for His special work to begin.

He went to see a holy prophet of God,

And dedicated Himself in the act of Baptism.


Soon after this, Jesus, for that is His name

At least in the Greek and English languages

Soon after this, Jesus began to speak to the people.

He taught them the true way of God.

He taught them what it means

when God is ruling as King.


He called the people to turn back to God

As the holy prophet John had done before Him

But Jesus did more than John,

Because Jesus was more than John could ever be.


Jesus defeated the Spirit of the Snake

and all the evil spirits that follow the Spirit of the Snake.

Just as it happens today, the spirits of evil were living in people.

Jesus told them to get out of the people

And the evil spirits had to go.


Many misunderstood the Savior God had sent

Many were expecting Him to be Someone Else.

But the ones who received Jesus as the Messiah

These ones were adopted as children of God

And were given a new heart of love by God Himself.


The world had become guilty before God.

Everyone on the earth had sinned like the first Adam

The man who ate the fruit God said not to

And followed the snake into the ways of death.


But Jesus showed people another way,

And He showed them another power.

The power to do what is right,

When everything is screaming to do what is wrong.


We all deserved death, we all deserved to die

We all deserved to be lost forever

and Never ever ever be the friends of God again

But Jesus loved us so much

With the Love of God Himself

He did something great for us

Something we can barely understand.


Instead of us having to be punished

For all the wrong we've done

Jesus came to be a sacrifice

and pay for our sin with his own precious life.


We owed a debt that we could never fully pay.

But Jesus, who had a pure and perfect life

And who was by nature the Son of God

Stepped in and took our beating

And died a painful death for us.


The People of the world

Took Jesus and nailed him to a wooden cross

It happened because Jesus loved us

He could have stopped those wicked men

But instead He let it happen

So He could take your curse and mine

And give to us a brand new life.


Though Jesus died, death did not have the victory

For it wasn't long before Jesus showed Himself again

Fully alive, the victor over death

The Son of God had shown His power

Over the sin, over death and over the Snake

By rising from the dead.


Because Jesus rose again

We can have hope.

We know that death is not final

One day we will rise too.


God's plan is that we trust Jesus.

And put our lives again in God's hands.

The guilt of our sin has been taken away

By the Lamb of God, who became a sacrifice for us.

By Jesus, the Son of God.


There is only One Sacrifice

That can take away sins.

There is only One Way

Back to the Father,

Back to Father God.


Jesus paid that price, Jesus suffered that pain.

The real love of God is willing to suffer for others

And Jesus did that for us first.


There is no doubt that Jesus rose again.

We see Jesus is working today.

He is speaking to hearts today.

Can you hear Him speaking to your heart?


There is One Way back to God.

It is by trusting in Jesus.

When you trust in Jesus

You must bid the Snake goodbye

For you cannot belong to the Snake and to God

At the Same time.


Jesus said "You must be born again"

You need a new life

A life that is clean

A life that will love

Just as God has loved you.


Only God can give you that life.

You need this more than anything.

Ask God for this new life.

Ask God for a new heart.

Ask God for a clean heart.

Only God can do this for you.


It all becomes real when you cry from the heart

And ask God to get involved in your life.

If you believe in Jesus

It will be because God has spoken to your heart

Showing that He loves you, showing that He wants you

In His Family forever.


Don't miss out on the purpose for your life

Don't miss what cost Jesus everything to give you

Do not trust the world and the things it can give you

These things are all fleeting by

None of them are going to last.


Only Jesus is eternal, only He gives lasting value.

Hold to Him, even if you would lose everything else.

For if you have Him, and hold Him to the end

You will truly possess all things

And you will never lack anything.


God has so much more to show us

But we must open the door to Him

Life becomes a wonderful adventure

When we let God lead us on the path we should go.


Dear One, today God is calling you.

Do not harden your heart.

You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Far too many heard the message, and yet

Never entered on the Narrow Way to Life.


Don't be one of the fools

Don't follow the world and its lies

It is full of garbage

Everything in it is corrupt and dying


Only God gives eternal value

And God gave the best He had

To rescue you from the guilt of your sins

Give God your very best

And you will find life even in death.


For truly God loves you

It is not just empty Words

No matter which way you go

If you choose the Way of Life

or the Way of Death

The heart of God will always want you

But for some it will be too late.


The chance has now been given to you

The key is in your hands

Turn the key to the door of your own heart

And be reunited with the One who loves you forever.



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