The Tree of Life

Reading most of the post on the Tree of Life, has been a very interesting subject. I realized that many Christians have been taught as a young student, the idea of evolution and many pastors, Christian teachers have failed in the Biblical teaching of Creation. The toro, the first five books were the most important teachings to the children of God as they discovered the truth of Yahweh. So, why the creation story? The nation of Israel, became the greatest influence to the nations around them. They discovered in the story, of the relationship to the creator and his care for his creation. It is not enough to know God is the sovereign Creator. The Israelite must realize that Yahweh cares. Knowing God as creator calms ours fears about a hostile and irrelevant world. Knowing that God initiates and desires personal relationship and fellowship with those created to image him motivates love and response. God’s personal commitment to man began by breathing into man life itself and providing a productive environment. But most striking to the Israelite must have been God’s immediate presence in the garden. There was a direct fellowship with God at the very first. If Eden were England, teatime would have been anticipated with great delight.
Moreover, God is called Yahweh in Genesis 2. Genesis 1 used the title Elohim, the general title for the Supreme Being—-“God” in English. Genesis 2 adds the Yahweh to the title Elohim. Yahweh is the personal name for God and stresses his covenant relationship to his people. Its presence here supports the central theme: Yahweh, the true Creator God and God of Israel, created humanity personally and desires only good for them. Of course, this original fellowship was ruined by sin, but does not make the story of the original relationship irrelevant for the later readers.

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