Dear Pastor; Hi, my name is Jason Trotter. I am from Albuquerque NM. And currently reside here. The lord has put it on my heart to share with you these dreams / visions that he gave me. I trust that you will read them with an open mind And heart to understand them. God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Oh and Please feel free to respond. I would really like to talk with anyone who wishes to converse about The dreams or anything else that concerns what Gods word has to say about the times in general and the things to come. It is time for all people to be made aware about the times we live in.
These are things he showed me when I was younger. And all of my life up to this point (32 years old), I never thought that I would be seeing these things unfold in my life time, but they are. They are more than just your average everyday type of dreams. I feel like God wants us to do something about every thing that is going on. And that we are running out of time. But go ahead and check these dreams out and get back to me when you can. Hopefully soon. ThanksJ
P.S: (My contact info is at the bottom of the letter).
I believe That God is calling his people to wake up and become wise to the events that are taking place around us and right under our noses because Jesus is coming really soon.
I also believe that it is time now to be louder than ever about Jesus love. And about His coming. And that I am being called by God to take the biggest, loudest, stand for Jesus Christ.

I deeply and sincerely believe that the lord is calling me to do something for him in the mere future that involves meeting certain people Through Christian churches and sharing my experiences with them. So with that being said. And with out any further delay I will go straight to the point.J First things first; I would like to acknowledge that I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I became born again in the blood of the lamb in 1984 when I was about 4 or so. How ever I came to a more deeper understanding of just what and who it was that I believed in when I turned 11 in 1991. and I still believe in him because he has been with me all of these years and he will continue to do so. Because that’s what he said he would do; Matthew 28:18-20 and I believe in him. For He is faithful and true.
And now down to business.J I have had some visions {and or} dreams of some pretty unusual stuff when I was younger. I am not sure of the specific or exact times and moments in which I had them. Please be informed that I have had a series of life threatening head injuries at different times in my life. (At least five) that may have effected a little bit of my memory But I will do the best I can to recall as much of the detail of the visions as I can.

Jesus told me to tell you these dreams. And something inside of me is telling me that you must hear about them now. In the book of Acts 2:17-18 It states that In the last days the Lord will pour out his spirit upon all flesh and that young men, young woman, old men and handmaidens will dream and prophesy. Joel 2:28-29 states the same thing. So it is my conclusion that these dreams and visions are definitely of major importance and should be explored, shared, compared, and due to their content, studied in direct comparison to the word of God. Because He (Jesus) told me to tell His Church These Dreams. And with that being said here it goes:

I can say that I remember having dream # 1 in between the ages of 2-4.

I do not think that this particular incident took place in a dream. I’m pretty sure that it happened during the day:
I was in the back seat of my Parents car. It was about to rain outside. We were headed to K-Mart, and while we were driving a lightning bolt struck down. Because someone or something got cast out of Heaven. Then I felt a sense of great terror and great anger, coming from the entity or thing that got kicked out of heaven. And I knew that terrible things were going to take place on earth. As for the lightning bolt, It did not disappear, Instead it stayed lit in the sky. And I watched it stay stuck their until we entered the store.

Here is dream #2:

When I was about 2-4 years old and I’m not sure but maybe fall of 1983 or 1984, I was either out of my body or simply asleep when I had these dreams. I was either taken to these high places By an 13-14 foot tall, Blonde Headed Caucasian Blue eyed angel or I traveled to them alone. I cannot recall exactly. During the evening time of the day I was reaching into a chain link fence to pickup a toy that I had found, it was a small version of the Trolley that came running around the track on a television show called; “Mr. Rodgers.“ and when I reached in and took hold of the toy suddenly a bolt of lightning stuck the fence. And though I can feel the heat of the Lightning bolt discharge, and hear it’s Electrical humming, I was not being electrocuted by it. And the sky turned orange with lava fire and I looked up and I saw a Dragon. It had broken out of its cage, then it went and gathered all of the demon spirits and fallen angels together and began fighting the angels of Heaven. And I saw like talking trumpets and stuff. Then I let go of the fence and it all went away. And when I went to sleep that night I fell into a deep sleep, but I could not dream. Then I was before God in the spirit. He was talking to me. And all through that late summer early fall season I kept having visions of a forest of mostly dead trees and swamps and lakes. And there were evil spirits lingering around the forest who were each assigned to a group of people, so as to cause them to do evil deeds so that they can finish doing what their master Satan had started. Then at some point I saw a woman in a secluded meadow or space of the forest. She had long brown hair, She wore a burgundy gown. But she was dressed like a Whore. She had a golden crown on her head. The crown had some kind of strange writing on it. It said something like; “America The Queen Of Nations.” Her skin and her hair sparkled with diamonds and pearls. Her eyes were an empty black, that is until I looked deeply into them. And when I looked into them I saw a city with big mansions built on the sides of the beach fronts, and big tall buildings with people that love their money more than God. And I saw a huge group of mid class people and poor people and children killing each other for food and money. They were left abandoned and with no hope or a reason to live. The Woman had several mountains around her, and little ponds and lakes of water, which resembled all of the other Nations and Kingdoms of the world beneath her. I think she was some kind of queen. She was in some way linked to all the evil that was going on there in the city, and of all of the lands and in the forest of dead trees. I looked at her and the mountains with great curiosity. There was one point when I came upon a huge city. I remember standing on a grassy hill with someone talking to me. and observing this big city. I think there was a tall man in a white robe showing me these things at certain times. Rather it was evening or day time I would always be searching for the sun but for some reason I could not find it. I mean I could see the impression of light but there seemed to be no sun in sight. The air was full of pollution. Real brown and smoggy.
The city was full of sin and evil. There were animals running around the place, Lots of graffiti on the walls, Shoes hanging on the wires, Drunks walking the streets hurting, (ETC). (Really filthy). And I was shown how during the night time the people would go out and commit fornication, murder and rob and kill each other, and in the morning they tried to pretend that nothing happened the night before. The tall man was telling me that it was too late for them (The people in the big city) and that they were headed faster and faster for destruction because of the evil cycle of filth that was present there. He said that they were greedy. And because of their greed and lust they were headed faster and faster towards destruction. I was shown different parts of the city. There were Huge bridges with thousands of cars, I think there were some flying Corvettes, machines and things and Tall buildings. I remember walking amongst the people observing how they went on living their lives without a care in the world. like nothing was going on. Real prideful like no one would ever punish them for it. Then there was one point when I was standing at a certain place with bridges around me. I remember myself trying to warn some of my family members to get out of the city. I think it was California. And now (today) as an adult I have been warning my brother and sister to get the heck out of there. What a strange coincidence huh? But they won’t listen. Just like in my dream. Then I heard a woman cry out. And she said; “look to the west! Here it comes from the west!” and so everybody turned and looked to the west and there was this enormous Tidal wave coming!!! I mean this wave was so huge! It was over the clouds. It spread all over the west coast line. It was so big that it made the tallest buildings along the coast line look like ants (or) fleas. I think something really big must have hit the ocean. And my stomach just dropped. And I watched as every one in that city (California) and the (Las Vegas) area area died.

Here is dream #3:

Now I don’t recall if I saw this next part take place before or after the big city scenario. I was in the spirit and I came to this football stadium shaped grass filled valley surrounded by foggy clouds. I remember while I was on my way to the valley I was continuously looking for the sun. But again there was no sun. And instead of there being a field there was a lake in it‘s place. The lake had a bunch of dead trees in it with fog rising up out of it. And so I went down to get a better look. And when I came close enough to the lake I saw a lot of frogs and I saw a lot of flies. And the frogs would start off as Tadpoles. Then after they became Frogs they would eat the flies stuffing themselves with gluttony until they grew up and got so stuffed with flies that they would flip over on their back’s and die. Then their bodies bursted open and their flesh was exposed, then a thousand flies would come to consume and eat the frogs and lay eggs and make maggots and more flies. And I was told that the disgusting filthy vicious cycle of evil that I had just witnessed was to be compared to what was going on in the big city and inside the belly of the whore. A continuous vicious cycle of filth with no end. And that’s the reason why they were headed faster and faster towards destruction. And that‘s why they had to be destroyed. (And also for that reason their fate was already sealed). And so I left that place and found myself in another place. It had Three big grassy lands kind of hill in shape separated by three rivers. All in the formation of a round circle, except they were all the same (or) equal in size. And where the rivers were joined there was a whirlpool Or something. And along the rivers their were more frogs and flies consuming each other. And the whole place was surrounded by foggy clouds And it looked like it was evening time but I looked and again but I could not find the sun. I think I had some weapons in my hands. Like a sword and a shield So I started walking towards the center were the point of the three lands met. And as I was approaching I noticed that there were Three beings (or spirits) standing on the points of their lands of which they governed. I think They had some kind of pot in the middle of the three of them. At that time I did not know who or what they were, but as I looked at them I got their names and the evil traits of each them shown to me in my mind in the order of which I looked at them. The first one Had a pitch black Klu-Klux-Klan occult looking hooded robe on with a blood red tie wrapped around it’s waist. This one was in charge of the land that I was walking towards them on. And it’s names and evils were; Death, Satanism, witchcraft, sorceries, demon possession, The occult, fear, spell casting, voodoo, hatred, strife, violence And murder. And those were it’s evils and it’s name. The second one had full control of it’s land and was wearing a cleaner looking brown Klu-Klux-Klan occult hooded robe with a green striped tie around it’s waist and it’s name was; Greed, pride conceit, it was a thief, it was a liar, it was a cheater, a con, I think it was also blasphemy against God and all profane words and lust. it really thought highly of itself. And those were it’s evils and it’s name. And the third one had control of it’s land and wore this ugly disgusting pale white kind of torn and dirty looking Klu-Klux-Klan like occult hooded robe with a orange tie around it’s waist. And it’s evils were; all sickness, disease, illness, poverty, famine, and all pestilences, and all filth. It was close to death, it could bring a man close to death but it could not kill him because that power belonged to the evil spirit which wore the black robe. And those were it’s evils and it’s name. And when I got about 50 meters or so from them I overheard the one in the pale white conversing to the others in a evil sounding voice pattern saying; “NOooo, no,no!!!! you can’t do it like that!” “You’ve got to do it like this“ (ETC)… And then I snapped. Because I realized that they weren’t human and that they were plotting to do something big evil and bad. (whatever it was). Then I became just a little frightened of the entire scene. I started asking myself; who are these spirits? What are they doing? What am I doing here? (ETC). And as soon as I had even the slightest bit of fright I felt that some kind of protection just lifted up from around me, and that I was exposed. Indicating that had I not become even the slightest afraid they would not have even known that I was there. And that I would have been able to go over and see just what it was that they were doing and what was in their pot. But it was too late for that. And so the spirit in the black sensed me first. It turned around and looked at me in great fear because it was the spirit of fear. Then it spun around lifted up off of the ground and started flying about one foot above the ground. It accelerated from 0 to about 80 miles an hour (just by looking at it and giving a “guest-imation” if you will of how fast it was going). It’s hood kept falling off of it’s head while it would glance back to see if I was in pursuit of it. And it got away. But only because I had a slight doubt of being able to catch it. It went into it’s land. Then I was beginning to realize that every thing in this strange place was controlled (or) operated by fear, doubt, will, and belief. Then I looked at the one in the brown and it looked at me and swung it’s arms up. Like as if to say; What? What do you want? Like gesturing with great pride because it was the spirit of pride. And so I started to give chase to it, Then it started to kind of jog of towards the center of it’s land pretending to not be afraid and so I sped up and then only did it accelerate to top speed. And so I was like; ah… forget em.’ Then the one in the white started casting some kind of spell on the pot. It was trying to put it away so that I would not be able to see what they were up to, because they had been planning to do some thing big and evil to our world. Then it looked at me spun around and started to fly/run. So I picked up my self and started to pursue it. And I intercepted it, and right as I was about to cross over the river with frogs and flies in it to get to the other side, it stopped while floating in the air (That was breezy) turned around. And as it turned around it grabbed it’s filthy robe and covered itself because it knew that it was in-pure and filthy. Then I got a better view at this thing. I was wondering what it was because It was around 11 feet tall, Really bony, Like a skeleton covered with skin. It had a blue-ish/gray colored skin, It had no color in its eyes. And I was studying it trying to figure out what it was. It was neither male or female. It was an evil spirit. And it started talking to me with it’s mind. It was saying; “You don’t want to chase me…. “Your Scared that I might kill you“(etc). But then I spoke with my mind and I said; No you wont because Look at the light of Jesus In side of my heart!!!!!! (I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in… I think 1984 When I was about four years old). Then it looked at the light in my heart and became very afraid and it let out a scream. It said; “Whooooo!!!!!” And when it did that it startled me and by startle ling me it had made me frightened just enough to get a head start on me. And so I was chasing it up it’s land. we were swaying from right to left like a rabbit running from it‘s predator. And while we were flying it took it’s finger and pointed to the ground. And when it did that the ground started to open up. It was really weird man!!! Because one minute I’d look at the ground and it was grass. And the next minute I looked and it looked like a big trencher just ripped the ground up making a kind of maze out of the dirt, and a way of escape.
And when it opened the ground I could see that same big city again. And so eventually it got away and then it started closing up the ground in the same manner that it had opened it. I kept looking for a way in to go in after it but the ground would appear to be open one minute and closed the other. Then I just stood there holding the weapons and looked over towards the first spirits land (The one in the Black), and all I could see was it’s head sticking up out of the ground in great fear just waiting for me to leave. Then I looked over to the second spirits land, (The one in the Brown), and saw it standing there in kind of a prideful pose with it’s arms crossed tapping it’s foot. As if to say ;When are you going to leave so we can get back to working on our evil plot?” And that’s when I was taken away from there.
That was one of the dreams that I can recall almost in full detail. There were a few other ones that I cannot recall in full detail. Like this one I had in 1983.

Here is dream#4:

There was this red orange sky and out of this red orange sky there were signs of a golden temple and angels and something to do with an really ugly dragon. And they were fighting. It was a great war. But you see I cant recall this particular dream in full detail so I just tell the parts that I can remember. I would leave my body quite often. I would go traveling to strange and different places and see many different things throughout the spirit world. My mom always said that it was satanic and of the devil but I told her numerous times that I was not doing any thing evil to make that happen to me that it just kind of happened to on it’s own. I would travel a lot. I think I can remember a really tall 13 or more foot blonde hair – blue eyed angel taking me around and stuff.

Here is dream # 5:

I woke up in what was like shack in a desolate dessert made of trash sticks of wood and clothes to the voices of many people screaming in a panic about something. They all must have been slaves. They wore brown colored slave gowns. They were saying something along the lines of; “Hurry, Hurry!“ lets get back to work! Their back!“ and so I went outside to see what all the commotion was about. I looked up to the starry evening sky just in time to see a flying disc or flying saucer enter the atmosphere as if to be checking on the people of the village of slaves, because they were enslaving the people. and then it left so I followed the people to another place in the dessert to were they work hard and vigorously for these creatures. Then I found myself on a high cliff in the dessert. And the people were working in slavery under the flying saucer aliens (and or) Demons. And the sky was full of strange colored clouds kind of burning with a pinkish kind of fire. and I saw a huge pyramid and a big bright fiery eye over the top of it. And as it came to a landing it’s impact was so intense that it made a big earthquake that caused me to fall off of the cliff. And something about it being on the top of the pyramid was disturbing me in my spirit. It was incorrect like it did not belong up there on top like that. And I was just hanging there for my dear life all mad at it. That was one of the dreams that I can recall.

Hear is Dream # 6:

I remember a dream in which I was driving. I was driving on this pretty big, Five lane high way. I was headed up to a northern city from were I lived. I did not understand at that time why the high way had five lanes. Because at that time the freeways and roads in Little Albuquerque were only two lanes. Anyway, I was driving up a hill heading into the city. And while I was driving I saw a billboard and a live broadcast of a colored man coming into power. He and a few others beside him (Caucasian gentlemen were deceiving the people. He caused civil war to happen. Their were some curtains behind him. He was leading them one by one up the stairs and behind the curtains. And when the people got passed the curtains he was killing them one by one. And he was promoting and initializing the death of Christians. Because they would not follow him. And I was compelled to do something involved with helping the Believers in Jesus Christ.
And all of the oppression that He bought on all the people caused them to hate him. Then I saw civil war on our streets (all of America), people were throwing beer bottles lit with fire at cops and officials and there was complete chaos and confusion everywhere.
And there was Military on our streets. They were not there to defend us but in stead to help our adversaries to gain full control and manipulation over us. As if we were the criminals. It was really weird to see the streets so empty of cars and life of free people.

Here is dream # 7:

I met Jesus when I was young. He was so bright and glorious that I could not look at Him.
He mostly stood over behind a mist. I stood about 20 feet from Him, but I felt His loving arms wrapped around me even at that distance. His presence is so powerful and comforting it is indescribable. He was beckoning with me. He was talking to me and coming to an agreement with me about what I was to do for His glory in my life.

Here is another experience that I had when I was much younger before all of these things. I remember being in this place. It is by far The most beautiful place in the universe. It was always morning time there. It would never change to the afternoon or evening time. The light there was so powerful. If you were to try to look into it with fear in your heart, it would destroy you. There were Mountains and beautiful forests and animals and birds of every kind. There were rivers flowing forever full of life and beauty. The sky had numerous different colors all arraying from the rainbow that was coming from the light around the throne. There were other places Like a city with big beautiful houses but there were no fences to divide them. The streets were made of gold and were crystal clean. And there were beautiful green fields and there were some like over cast clouds over the fields. Nobody had to work for anything because it was given to them. And there was this one spot. (It was my favorite), where there was fields of nothing but flowers. I mean every kind of flower you can imagine or that exist were in these fields. And I remember being called out to go. Like it was my turn to do something. to go and complete some kind of mission that I was to complete. And so I acknowledged that I agreed to do it.

I think I had this next one when I was 4 years old in 1984.

Here is dream # 8:

Me and my family were out at this park one evening. The sun had just gone down and while we were hanging out there, I looked to the south and noticed this dark rain cloud forming. It was like a miniature thunder storm forming. Then it started to form a tornado underneath it. The tornado had light in it. It glowed with kind of an evenly distributed whitish gray light from within. The tornado started heading straight toward us. So then instinctively I jumped in front of my family and I started to command that it go away in the name of Jesus. But it kept on coming. So I did it again and still it kept on coming. Then it came over us and took us up and our bodies were transformed. They were changing colors and we went to be with the Lord. Kind of strange huh?

This vision experience took place in 1986;

Experience or vision # 9:

Me and my brothers and sisters were playing on the swings in a playground that was just across the street from where I lived. Where I lived was directly on the corner where the street “Moon” ends. Right across from a Playground/ Elementary School, which is right across the street from the Golf coarse, Right over there on Eubank & I – 40. It was getting cloudy like it was about to rain. It was about 6:30 PM or so. We had some visitors over and my mom was cooking dinner. My mom’s visitor sent her son outside to tell us that dinner was ready. So we jumped of from the swings one last time and started heading back to the house to eat. Along the way I ran by a tree and touched it with my left hand. And as I touched the tree Lightning struck it at about the same Time I touched it. And I know it was real because it made a very loud Electrical humming noise, and it was very bright and warm. And the next thing that took place probably only lasted about two and a half seconds. But suddenly this bright orange beam of light shot down and formed a wall of protection around my body. It was soooooo cool man!!!!! It looked like a glowing orange chain scrambled up link fence. And I remember watching the lightning trying to penetrate it but it was to powerful to let that happen. And then the whole thing went away. So I tried touching the tree again just to see if it would happen a second time but it didn’t work. So I continued running towards the house and immediately a large branch fell to the ground. Funny I don’t remember hearing much of any kind of thunder after the strike but im not sure about that.

Dream # 10;

Now This dream came to me some time in between 1986-1987.
During the same season that I had that lightning strike experience again. I think it was either that same night or it might have been a week later. We (my family) were on our way to bed. We always prayed as a family before we went to bed. So after we prayed I went to sleep. However I fell into a weird dreamless kind of sleep. Then I woke up in my bed which was the top bunk bed. And immediately I noticed that the room walls were lit up with orange light that was coming from the outside. Instead of being the usual bright bluish color of daylight that it usually is. Being a young 6 – 7 year old boy with a strong interest and fascination in science and physics I quickly concluded that it must have been some thing big like a child sized plastic swimming pool or some kind of toy that was reflecting the sun light causing a glare to shine through the window. WOW!!! What a theory right? At least that’s what I thought was happening until I got down from the bed. And looked to see that my brothers weren’t in their beds, and that the house looked kind of the same way as it usually looked in the normal world, (and or) Time frame.
I was the only one in my family who was there at that time. There were cockroaches and mice running around the place like as if it had been abandoned or something. Then I went to the hallway. And only then did I realize that the entire house was lit up orange in the same way. The house still looked like we lived there but that it had been vacant for a while. We were home schooled So our school desks were lined up in the hallway the same way they were in real life or I should say our Dimension. It was like as if I was seeing the future but for some odd reason I was still in the present. But in the spirit.
So I walked over to the front door and slowly cracked it open. And immediately I heard the voices of men and women screaming in agony and horror. And the sound of a deep rumbling noise, it was like as if a thousand Airliners were flying at the same time!!!!
And so I paused and froze with the door just cracked open in hesitation.
Then upon opening the door all the way I was stunned to see the entire sky lit up with fire!!!!!!! It was the most crazy, bizarre, and frightening thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I had a gut wrenching feeling like; “oh my gosh!!!!!” “This???!!!!!!!” And I remember thinking; Man!!!!! these people must have really messed up with God in order for this fire to have to come down upon them! As for the sky it had the same kind of patterns and moved as the surface of the sun does except smaller in size. And as for the fire, It was Kind of wavy looking. And it was coming from the upper hemisphere,
It dimmed in the distance. So much to where you could not see past a certain point. There were people running all around and screaming at the top of their lungs for fear. They were ditching their cars and coming out of their houses just to go running around screaming with their hands up in the air in a panic. And while observing all of this I made my way down to the right side of the side walk were normally a mail box would be posted. And as I stood there I saw a crying baby boy in a diaper Who’s mother had left him sitting in the street to die. And I remember feeling sorry for him because it wasn’t his fault that he was born in this horrible time.
And as for the next part of the dream…. I am not sure if I saw it during this exact time or if I was seeing it simultaneously at the same time with this one. But similar to how my little brother described it in his dream; There was a sign that appeared in the mist of the fiery sky. (Keep in mind that I’m not sure if this is when I saw the sign. But I think I remember seeing it some time earlier in my life. I’m not sure if I even saw the same exact thing as my little brother Spencer did in His dream). A golden temple appeared with several sticks with some kind of hand shaped objects on top of them on the sides of it. The temple had two big doors and a set of stairs coming out in front of the doors. And a platform going off to the side of it. And this ugly beast was sitting on the top of the temple. It was like a Dragon, a Goat, and a man all together. And he was speaking blasphemy and deceiving the people with a (false almost believable truth). and a false sense of hope and promise of escape from all the horror. And the people started listening to him. And were becoming convinced that the things he was saying were true because he made them sound so convincing. Then there came a nice looking ram and He started to speak. And the things he was speaking of were true. He was saying things like; “Worship God and follow his ways, Be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. (ETC). And I knew in my heart that every thing that he said was the truth. And after he spoke the two big doors opened up and out of the doors came 7 angels With white robes. And on their robes they wore golden scarf’s.
And they marched down the stairs without touching them. And I heard a beautiful song coming from the temple. This song was and still is the most beautiful song
that I have ever heard in my entire life.
The song was soooo beautiful!!!!!!! It had harps, trumpets, flutes, and many other instruments, and the voices of a huge multitude of people. They were singing about God and all of his works, About the wonderful things he has done, the wonderful things he is doing, and the wonderful things he was going to do. How He was, is, and is to come. It was a new song like no other. The song was so complicated that only those who sung it could learn the song. It had a drum line that no one could figure out. It sounded like all of the different drum beat’s in the world blended into one beautifully orchestrated beat. I am a musician. And I could not even contemplate how the song was put together. But every now and then it plays in my head in my sleep. And as for the seven angels, They marched down the stairs and to the edge of the platform and then they tipped their trumpets over as if to be pouring something out of them. And they did all that while the music kept playing. And they marched back into the temple. And then the sign went back into the sky, and the sky continued to burn. Then I looked away and noticed a young man running by. He was giving me a funny stair as he ran by. My eyes followed him as he went. And while turning my head to watch him run by I noticed two men standing in the park that was across the street from where I lived. (It’s the same park where I had the lightning bolt experience just a few days earlier). There was a tall man to the right, and one shorter man to the left. They had hallows of light around them. They both had wooden staffs in their hands. They were dressed in some kind of nice, clean brown striped garments with hoods on them. And so I felt compelled to go over and talk to these two gentlemen. So I started walking towards them, and while I was walking towards them, I got their names in the order that I looked at them. And their names were; Moses and Elijah. And while I was walking towards them that same man who had given me that look earlier passed by me again. Then he just kept on running. And as I got closer to the two men they turned to greet me.
The taller one (Moses) greeted me first. He greeted me in some kind of biblical Hebrew tongue. And so I greeted him back’ (Only in English). Then the shorter one (Elijah greeted me in the same manner and I greeted him back also. And so we all started talking and fellowshipping. They started asking me questions concerning what god was going to do with certain churches and for some reason I would give them an answer. I don’t know how I knew the answers but somehow I did. And I would also ask them questions about churches and such and they would answer me in return. They said that God was going to destroy the earth with fire. They also told me that they were there to preach Gods word to all races of people. They spoke of great deception that the enemy was implementing upon the earth, and in the CHRISTIAN AND catholic church. We three conversed and fellowshipped about many things for a long time.
And while we fellowshipped that same man who kept looking at me with curiosity came up to us. He approached us from the east. And he asked us; Why aren’t you people afraid? And the tall man (Moses) answered him and explained to him that we were not afraid because we all had been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, And that because of His promise of eternal life we had no reason to fearful or be afraid. And he started to minister to him and compelled him to become born again. And to have his sins washed away by the blood of the Lamb which is Jesus Christ. And the man agreed. And immediately after he agreed, Two young woman who had been near by just hanging out followed his example. And then they agreed. So we all held hands in kind of a bear hug and The tall guy (Moses) led the sinners prayer. And when we all said; “AMEN”, The sky having been burning this whole time transformed in the split of a second to a dark cloudy sky. And there was fierce strong Tornado grade wind and lightning and thunder.
And that concludes that dream.

I had another vision in 2004 and this was the vision.

Vision # 11:

I was doing some tile work at a house. Because that was my occupation at that particular time in my life.
I went on a little break. And I looked outside and I saw a quick glimpse of Jesus Christ
Sitting on a hoarse Coming on a cloud. And he had heaven following with him.

Vision # 12:

Earlier this year I had a dream that meteors were falling out of the sky and the people hid themselves under strong car parking buildings so they wouldn’t get killed. And then I looked to the sky and I saw a man dressed in white with a staff in his hand. He was walking in the sky.
I think he was trying to either deceive the people to make them think that he was the messiah, or he was an Angel or something, I’m not sure.

Vision # 13;

Sometime back in November of 2010 I dreamt that there was this big mountain. On the top of the mountain was the Kingdom of God. Their were people up ahead of me and people below. And the spirit of the Lord spoke to me and urged me to help the people below to make it up the mountain before it would be too late.

Vision # 14;

On February 18 2011, I dreamt that big brown rocks were falling out of the sky. And all the people in the huge city were hiding under the big car parking ports because they were built strong. And immediately after that I looked to the eastern sky and saw a huge number of Star wars looking Space ships of all shapes and sizes coming into our atmosphere. They were parading in a line one after the other. They were trying to bring glory and honor to themselves like as if they were long awaited by men. Then I looked to the south and saw a man dressed in a white robe. He was walking in the sky trying to imitate Jesus. He was trying to get the entire world to worship him.

I also had a strange experience happen to me when I was young about 1-2 years old.

I remember Being in a brown room lying down on a table with a bright light hanging over me. And there were four beings off to my right, three of them were slightly shorter than the leader. He was taller than they were. They were calm and peaceful. At that time I didn’t sense anything wrong about their character at all. Their skin was kind of a pale banana yellowish color. Their heads were balled and shaped like an upside down pear. They had eyes just like ours but except they were a lot bigger than ours. They had really small bodies. And on their faces they had no lips, no ears, no eyebrows, and no noses and yet they were still smiling at me with those tiny little mouths. They had only four fingers with no thumb. They had some kind of uniforms on. Prior to this and or after I remember being in a kind of hallway with a lot of bluish white light. But anyway, I was on this table looking around and at each one of them. And then one of them started speaking to me with his mind with out moving his mouth. And he said; “Are you ready to go and read the golden scroll that’s on the alter at the end of the room?” And I answered with my mind and said; “yes.” And so they moved back to make a path for me and gestured with their hands for me to walk along this red carpet with some kind of Egyptian writing on it? And so I sat up, turned to my side and stood up on my feet. I walked over to the end of the room, As I was walking I was reading the writings on the red carpet. At the time I understood what the writing was saying but now I can’t recall what it was saying. And when I got to the alter I picked up the scroll and read it. Again it was in like Egyptian writing but I still remember mostly what it said. It was an agreement to go and complete some kind of mission that they wanted me to complete. I believe now that they were workers of Satan, and that they were trying to get me to help them in their evil plot. But they tried very hard to make it seem like it was a good plot. And that’s all that I remember about that one.

Vision # 15;
I had a dream once In 1998,
I was walking through an apartment complex in an alley. It was night time. Some young children, a Caucasian boy, a Spanish boy, and an African American boy all were hanging out in the Alley. They were walking up behind me. When I turn around to face them, I noticed that they were just young children. They were convinced that they had “Super Powers”, The moon looked really weird and twisted, kind of spooky. Then Iwatched as a weird looking Space ship came down from the sky with its nose pointed down towards the ground, and just before it landed it flipped over so as to land on its feet. When the children saw the ship they ran over to it as if they were so fascinated by it. Then the door of the ship opened and some funny looking alien type creatures appeared in the doorway. The Creatures then invited them in to go for a ride. So they (the children) went inside the ship, the doors closed, and the ship took off up towards the outer hemisphere. The so called Aliens were Demons dressed up to appear to be friendly helpers who can grant them powers. And the poor little children were deceived.

And those are the dreams. Thanks for reading them.
I Have been told by God the father to tell all people through my music, gifts, and my voice about these things. Because it is time.
My contact info is: (505) 234-4792
My Father; Winston Trotter’s number is (505)440-9686
I only give this number to people that I trust and also people that I feel it important to stay in contact with.
I hope to hear from you soon. May God bless you and your family and the entire congregation.J

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