The Testimony of Christopher John Petersen (Part One)

The Testimony of Christopher John Petersen (Part One)

The time was late December 1987, a little season after the dawning of my 29th year. I was all but dead, having no desire to live after the love of my life had forsaken me and left taking with her our two young children. I didn’t even have the will to put food in my mouth and although never having known God or Jesus, never having gone to church (other than attending weddings and funerals) and never having read or owned a Bible, what will I had left was only for her happiness and cared not whether I would ever know happiness again for myself. And so that was my prayer; “God, I don’t care if anything good ever happens in my life, as long as I know that Cathy (my first wife’s name) is happy”. Little did I know as I drifted off to sleep in that empty house that that prayer would change my life FOREVER!

How I felt the next morning when I awoke I had NEVER FELT THAT WAY BEFORE IN MY LIFE. I had goose bumps from head to toe and felt nothing but “Good all over”, when speaking to others about it the only thing I could say was “I felt as if I had been touched by God”. It felt like all the bad feelings and bitterness had been drained from my body and all I felt was nothing but Good all over. That state I was in remained so for a week and I was moved by the Spirit to be Baptised (having never known that I hadn’t been Baptised). Also, from that moment, it didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing, I had a soft and gentle voice ministering to me every waking moment (I later came to know that it was the “Comforter” or “Holy Ghost”).

After several months I received a visit from a former employee named Ron Snow and I told him what I had and was experiencing. Ron visited me again soon after and gave me my first Bible (a soft bound King James Red letter edition) and it didn’t matter what page I opened it to, I couldn’t disagree with anything I read in it. It was like I had read the Bible before, only I had never had one before in my life.

For now, suffice it to say, I didn’t choose God, but rather God chose me. I didn’t pray for anything for myself or even for myself but rather for another and what happened to me as the result, I can only say is “I hit the Jackpot”. I went from having no reason to live, to being given a reason to live and moreover live a life everlasting filled with purpose. Having received a priceless gift that cost me nothing, that meaneth EVERYTHING, makes Serving the Lord an Honour and a Privilege. His way is easy (contrary to what many would have us believe) and the burden is Light (Enlightenment).

Miracles do happen, for I am one of them. There was nobody else around, nobody telling me what to say or what prayer to pray. All I had was a broken (open) Heart, a deep desire for someone else’s happiness with no thought for my own and a few simple words to set them on their way to God.

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