On Monday 5/7/2010 God visited me in a supernatural way through
pages of the Bible. I was compelled to turn to Psalm 62. This was at
7.00pm. I then turned over to Psalm 63 and saw something glinting on the
page. I lifted my Bible (Amplified) up to the light and saw with awe
and wonder many sparkles on the two pages over half of Psalm 63/64/65.
On closer observance I found that the gold flecks (that’s the only way I
can describe them) had settled on certain words. God is infinitely
patient. I strung sentences together noting the time I had done this and
after an hour the gold would move to other words and again I would
string a sentence together. At the end of the six hours I had received a
clear message.

I was then compelled to turn back to Psalm 62:5 at 12.20pm, I was so
tired by this time and found gold on just two words SILENTLY and HOPE.
Over the days I have had it put on my heart that this is a scripture to
be shared with ALL the saints of the royal priesthood. “MY SOUL, WAIT

On this same day gold particles started showering (I feel the particles
now), falling on my face and hands. 2 weeks later and the gold is still
appearing on my hands and face that can be seen in torchlight.

The touch of the Lord came upon me powerfully at a “POWER ENCOUNTER” 4
day workshop in February 2009 and this happened on the last night which
was the 13th. The biblical 3 means solid, complete, truth and there have
been many events that cannot be explained falling on a date containing 3
throughout my walk with Jesus.

The night of the encounter I experienced visions of heaven for over an
hour. They have never been as powerful since. The visions in vivid
colour of Jesus, heaven, God on the throne – no face just brilliant
light. I have also had visions of Jerusalem, England. So much has
happened that as the Lord says in Revelations part 11 “Write promptly
what you see (your vision) in a book …. Rev. 19 Write therefore the
things you see, what they are (and signify) and what is to take place

God has also shown me wisdom and discernment in whom to share this with
to edify and uplift me through this experience that even now is hard to
grasp. I know now though that God does not want me to be ashamed or
fearful of what He has done supernaturally in me personally so I am
going to be transparent.

I have undergone a transformation bodily. The next day 6/7 was our
wedding anniversary. The gold continued to appear on my hands and face. I
believe the transformation, renewing came about the evening my husband
and I were celebrating our 36 years of marriage together.

The crooked bone has been made straight in my nose from an accident on a
swing when I was eight years old. The bone protruding from the back of
my neck after a motorbike accident when I was 17 is now straight. My jaw
has been realigned, i had an overbite for many years due to extreme
stress when my marriage almost came to divorce. All my teeth are
perfectly straight where once they were crooked, the gums have been
restored to that of someone much younger.

This is what blew me away. I tasted a metallic taste in my mouth on the
morning of the 7/5 and was compelled to go and look in the mirror. Where
my fillings had been on my lower jaw the tooth is shaped like a cross,
each tooth is like this on the lower jaw and on the right hand back
tooth is a gold cross that is still embedded there after 2 weeks. I have
photos taken from the start of this process of renewal. The upper jaw
has gold where the fillings were.

My hair is a light shade of gold and so are my eyebrows. The skin has
firmed up under my eyes which cried many tears during the five years of
struggle in my marriage. My neck and my upper arms are firm for a woman
in her fifties.

My first question when I had finally stopped feeling overwhelmed by all of this was – Who else is this happening to?

We serve a supernatural God and He cannot be harnessed, kept in a box –
His power and His ways are incomparable, and cannot be explained in the
human mind.

I am an ordinary housewife serving an extraordinary God. He can use ANYONE. Amen!

Please pray before commenting. Those who have prophetic words about the
renewing of the elect please share. God has given me a great burden to
carry because not all will believe, just as Jesus was was scoffed at by
the Pharisees. Luke 14:14. I am willing to carry this cross day to day,
to be more Christlike, testify again and again, to glorify my beloved
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

The words in the scripture Psalm 62:5 are my guiding scripture for the days ahead. Amen!

28/8/2010 – 9 weeks later and the gold continues to appear on my face and hands. The gold cross remains embedded in my tooth and more wrinkles have disappeared on my face so the process of renewing continues.

Everything is to glorify YAHWEH! Without Him I am nothing! Amen!

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