The State of Justice in the U.S.A.

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Of course, you never know how much of what is reported is true, but for now, I will write as if what is written here is true, and see what this might mean from a Christian point of view.

It seems that this woman, Mary Winkler, who willfully shot her husband to death might get off with 7 months jail time.

She was convicted of “voluntary manslaughter”. That term makes about as much sense as “involuntary murder”. The idea of manslaughter originally meant when you killed someone by accident without it being deliberate.

In the Bible the penalty for killing someone by accident or by negligence was quite different to the penalty for murder – which was DEATH.

To kill someone with hate in your heart is “murder”. By relabelling “murder” as “manslaughter” the U.S. Justice system can now give very lenient sentences to murderers.

Let us suppose that it is true that the murdered preacher was abusing his wife. We don’t know this is true at all. It could be. But let us suppose it is true.

Does this justify killing the abuser? Shall we now say, “If someone has done wrong to you, you can murder them, and we’ll call it something else and you can have a short jail sentence.”

This man, if he was a hypocrite, is no doubt paying a huge eternal price today. God says to leave vengeance to Him. “Vengeance is mine, I shall repay”.

If this man was abusing his wife, she could have just left him and separated for a season. That would have been much better. It would have also given the man time to repent.

What about if someone is mentally ill or emotionally disturbed, who kills their spouse? Does their emotional or mental condition mean the sentence should be less?

Anyone who kills another person out of hate or revenge is not mentally whole. They are already emotionally damaged. Should we now treat all murderers or perpetrators of “voluntary manslaughter” as victims of a disease, that need to be “treated” rather than punished?

There is this idea that the decisions we make are products of our environment, and we have no control, and therefore really no responsibility, for the choices we make.

I can assure you that God’s system of justice is totally different to this. God treats us with a certain amount of dignity – that is, not as sick animals, but as guilty criminals, who should be punished because what was done is wrong. God prescribed the death penalty for murderers in the Bible. We may not like God’s way, but God is not swayed.

Instead, now, the whole of society should pay taxes to support these people in prison, or they should be let loose while the media reports opinions like the one doing such things is “the best example of a good person I can think of”.

If justice has been so perverted in the United States of America, good luck to those who choose to live there. You have chosen a very spiritually dangerous place to live.

I do believe that judgment is coming very soon to the United States of America. What makes that country any better than any other nation in terms of morality, justice or goodness?

If you are a United States believer and a patriot, weep for your nation, perhaps God will give a little more time for more people to repent.

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