Dealing with the Spirit of Jezebel in my husband’s family – (warning: long post)

Hi y’all

There seems to be a Jezebel spirit operating in some of my husbands family members
my husband is submissive, with no boundaries when dealing with them, like he fears them.

my Mother in law especially has a powerful, almost stranglehold on my husband and his sisters, all grown, all divorced, and live their lives to serve and please my mother in law. If one of the sisters pulls away they are badmouthed and basically rejected by the Mother in Law and then in turn the rest of the family.

Ever since my husband and I married and realized a call on our lives they have opposed me and done all they can to discredit me, undermine our marriage, and draw him back to them. They are supposed to be prophetesses, know the Word inside and out and are known in our community as super spiritual. They are angry and full of strife – complaining, badtempered. The total opposite of loving, peaceable christians.

They have rejected my son and me, ignore us when we are at the house – all the grown daughters and their kids spend all their time at her house, serving and doing for her – they have no friends or life outside of one another.

My mother in law openly cirticizes humble women, women who submit and recognize their husbands headship in the home, saying they “never get anywhere” she is beating around the bush, talking about me, because I value (and at one time my husband valued) a Proverbs 31 type woman, or a woman striving to live a Godly, obedient to God’s Word life.

She refuses to submit to her husband, he is a preacher and she won’t attend church with him – saying she has her own ministry, and if he’s wrong she’s not going to follow him.

– she is attractive, charismatic, a spiritual leader in our community, often speaks/preaches/teaches at churches in our area, strutting her stuff, hand on her hips, very showy and seductive, well known for her wealth and power and spiritual gifts – even though she often councils people contrary to God’s Word, even advocating divorce, greed, and idolatry.
At a church service awhile back, she and her 2 daughters passed out “in the spirit” while a 3rd grabbed the microphone and told everyone not to be afraid… that her mother and sisters were receiving someones healing thru them.I don’t get that.

She attends a church with a self proclaimed prophet who manipulates and threatens people into “receiving this word” when he is preaching – and often calling my husband with some word that never has anything to do with his relationship with the Lord, more like a fortune teller.Always about my husbands horses, or something trivial. Just yesterday he ran into this preacher who said the Lord gave him a vision of a short in the electrical in the home we live in, (there is no short, there was I understand 6 or 7 years ago- the house we live in is very very old and dilapidated, so that’s not a real stretch).

The issue that I am praying about and against is the influence they have on my husband, they are very manipulative and controlling, he thinks that since they call themselves prophets he needs to believe everything they say –
he was just starting to grown in the Lord when we got married – we were in church, in the Word, praying together it was awesome – then they began insisting on his time, taking him away from church with me to go do for them, even to the point of babysitting for them on Sunday, missing church while they attend some church or ministry function. He refuses to say no – -he is almost spineless when it come to them – especially Mother in Law – he brags on her constantly, like he is bewitched by really is unreal almost, because in our household he is totally different.
He is no longer attending church with me, not praying or in the Word, which is right where they want him.

He has not worked much in 3 months, has lost his backhoe,every time he gets a little money it runs thru his fingers, and now one of his horses died suddenly and wasn’t even ill. His Mother and family have now decided that I have brought curses, death, demons into his life – that’s why all this bad is happening to him, – he was much better off when he was single etc……he listens

sorry this is so long

if anyone has any pearls of wisdom about this stuff please let me know –
I know this is a major spiritual battle – and I feel they are either trying to destroy me or run me off -and I just don’t know how to fight this in the spirit.

What do YOU think?



  1. Hiya,
    That family sounds really creepy -no boundaries, pride, unsubmissive, unforgiving. I come from a similar family. My mother ignores my husband. He’s never been to her house. Also she thinks she is following Christ. And my father is a Lutheran pastor and my mother is a psychotherapist. In learning about the Jezebel spirit I realized that it is good to stay away from them. When I was still her golden child I had Depression and anxieties, now that I’m away from her I’ m really happy with my life. Because even if you get praised by the Jezebel she still manipulates you and drains you of your life. She’ ll take over the control of your life without you even noticing. So sick.

  2. Amen… I agree sister…Let the Love of God dwell in you.. and reveive the anointing of Elijah to stand up against the fiery darts of Jezebel.

  3. Been there done that. My war is not with those that are so spiritual though. They don’t pull their punches, nor pretend to be even the least concerned with God or their spiritual lives. God told me the story of what my husband was facing before I met him, and told me that I was being sent to him, because two could win where one would fail.

    I never shut up, gave up, or gave in. I fought in the spirit, and got hit with suicidal thoughts like Elijah. I pressed forward. I was slandered, critisized, rejected, attacked, and had my whole life thrown into to chaos, but I would not let go. I fought., not with them, I all but ignored them, but to free a man God said He wanted freed. I stripped off programming by stating the truth and challenging his brliefs, taught him to stand up, made him choose sides, and like the “general” God nick named me, I trained him for war. He now stands against them, seeks God more closely, and slowly is growing. We moved away from the violence to have children, because Jezebel had her eye on our kids. She hates anointing being passed down generationally, and truly hates two walking in unity.

    Now when she attacks, God puts her into a sick bed. If she repents, He will save her. It is his grace that prolongs His judgement. When she tried to destroy her daughter’s marriage, God sent me to talk to her at just the right time with the right words to heal and change the negative unto hope. God is now restoring her marriage. She saught to take me down, and God took her down. If you obey God, He will fight for you.

    I am prophetic and you can see it in my fruit. If you want your husband back, fast, pray, and only give God that which costs you something. Let the level of your desire be mirrored in the level of your fast. Then speak life over your husband, call those things that are not as though they are. Teach him to stand. Cast off that blind, deft, and dumb spirit and be bold. He is a eunuch. Call him a mighty man of God. Don’t tolerate her, don’t apeak to her, and don’t even acknowlege her. Go after your inheiratance, and grab hold like Jacob and don’t let go. God will fight your battle. If you are like Esau and let go, it won’t fair well for you. Be courageous, and take back what is yours.

    Don’t worry about Jezebel, the Lamb overcomes her. Focus on your husband and your kids. Boldly take them back, and watch God move mightily to restore what you had with interest. If it dies, don’t be bitter. You will get double for your trouble either way.

  4. Gracieann says:

    This original post was mine. 7 years later we are living in separate houses(by his choice) although still married, the hold his mother and family has continues to grow stronger. The division has spread to our adult children- his 2 and my 2- none of which speak to me but have relationship with husband and his family. The closer I grow to the Lord the more alienated I am.
    I pray for breakthru and do warfare every day, as my husband sinks deeper and deeper- suffering physically, as well as financially with his business suffering due to constant breakdowns of vehicles and equipment.
    Please stand in prayer with me. God is able.

    • My advice is move on. You deserve so much much better. If these people treat you like your non existent they don’t deserve you. Your kids, you should stick with but the cut the ties with all the narcissisists. That’s what a Jezebel is in modern terms. A self loving ass that makes it all about themselves. It’s a mental illness. Get away! Far away

  5. dcfiver555 says:

    explain to him what the Jezebel spirit looks like. show him it is present. break off the spirit of Jezebel from him, cancel the assignment of the enemy. do it. this is warfare.

  6. Timothy Luke says:

    Hi Gracie Ann,

    Thank you for sharing your battle here. I have had a mother-in-law who was similar. Very spiritual. Very self assured in whatever she spoke to you or about you to others. We eventually had to cut her off, but, as a married couple, it is for your husband to see for himself. I would say you need to forgive your mother in law, from your heart. See her for the pitiable person she is – for who would want to face the judgment that awaits her if she does not repent. Of course, you have to forgive your husband too. Having done this, I would renounce the curses stemming from her heart and the powerful forces unleashed by them. Put those forces under your feet and walk in peace and humility in your home. God will honor this and show Himself strong on your behalf!

    I know I have caused my wife much pain when we first were married and the umbilical cord was still there in the heavenlies.

    Sister, Perhaps you and your wonderful husband can have study time together. Read Ephesians 5 and ask each other what that means to you both. What does he expect of you as his wife, and what God expects of him as a husband. What do you expect of him as a husband, and what do you see God expects of you as a wife. An honorable mention of what it means to you to have him “leave and cleave” may find its way into the discussion.

    The one thing that comes to mind to break the power of that witchcraft is the Word of God. Your husband needs to see it clearly in writing from God and he needs to see the contrast from what God says and what he is witnessing in his mom.

    I was part of a church the Lord had used to heal my wife, and thought I was eventually to work there, but when the job offer came after 6 years, the Lord had shown me things in the senior leadership that were unacceptable to Him. I could not serve God and this ministry. The main passage used to make that clear to me and break the witchcraft of the leadership was 1 Corinthians 13 and the definition of love. I put the name of a leader in there in place of “love” and I found the opposite – this shocked me! Also, when I couple that with the Proverbs definitions for “scorner” and “fool” I could see their attributes clearly evident.

    I loved the church there, but I could not work there and felt lead to leave at that point. In seeking the clear word of God and comparing it with “the reality on the ground”, things became clear. I pray that clarity comes to your husband. As a wife you can share your concerns judiciously, graciously, and yet clearly, all in love. Maintain the love at all times, or your message will be sabotaged. God will water the seeds and give you the increase in due time.

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