The Sky!!

Until recently I never paid that much attention to the internet or internet sites concerning the end times, or sites such as this one. Why the change of heart all of a sudden? A few years ago I began to have a particular dream over and over again. The dream would start and end the same way, everytime all the time. It doesnt take an acute insightful spiritual person, to realized that it is God no doubt trying to tell me something. Since then I have had maybe THREE other dreams which have stood out with one thing in common: some kind of event in the sky. The one that I want to talk about is one that I had around EIGHT months ago. I had a dream that I was in the state of Michigan visiting my cousin and we were on 7mile road (1mile South of the famous 8mile road) at this strip mall, getting ready to get something to eat. * Just for clarity sakes, a strip mall is a confine localize area where a bunch of stores are at, and not a place where women take off their clothes(hahaha).* As my cousin and I were getting ready to enter into one of the stores, I heard the noise of a loud airplane above me. I thought to myself that was weird because normally you would hear the plane approaching as the noise would get louder, but this noise appeared out of nowhere. I looked up at the sky and I saw the plane coming out of a certain section of the sky. I examined the sky and began to see a slight difference in the sky as a whole. The section of the sky where the plane was coming out of, (left side) appeared to be a normal color blue with the clouds blowing from the South.The middle section appeared to be a little darker as if a transparent glass was placed over it, the clouds were not blowing. The other side of the sky appeared normal. Based on the location of the sun and the weather I would have to say that it was around 6 p.m in the summer months. While I was looking at the sky and looking at mulitple planes coming out of the sky which appeared normal, I heard this loud noise that across the sky and it sounded as if, an old computer program was being changed. * I am not sure if any of you know what kind of noise sounds like but it is the best description that I can give currently* Imagine if you had a giant stapler and you pushed down on it as hard as you coul,d and the sounds could be amplified in the sky. When the noise occured: at that very moment I saw an alien ship come from the center section of the sky. At this time moment I was surrounded by people of all kinds of different ethnic groups( I thought that was weird considering that Detroit is probably 95% black) and they were looking at the Alien ship and applauding and then were saying things in the background like “yes, welcome to Earth” and they were whistling and approving the Alien arrival. When they were doing this, I said to them “You all are crazy, im outta here”. At that moment I started to run and as I was leaving, these giant arms came down from each side of the Alien ships like giant tentacles and began to snatch people up and then started to killing them, and then I woke up. As stated earlier I have had Three other dreams that have stayed with me and this was one of them. About a month or so ago I was up at around 5a.m and was thinking of that dream and another one that I had, and all of a sudden God said something to me, he said “all of your dreams have the sky as a referrence, I have been telling you for over a year now to look up at the sky”. Of course I replied, “I have been looking up at the sky and I have seen nothing”. God said to me “what you see in the sky is not necessarily what is there”. I will admit when I heard this I was stumped, and kind of dumbfounded. I will also admit I was kinda nervous and a little scared by that. I mean I never heard anything like that before and it made me realized that as much as I thought I knew, I am in fact clueless to a lot of things. Naturally after this I began to do my homework and research to see what God was talking about. To my astonishment I was amazed to find out that the Asians have developed technology in which they have holograms in which you can touch. I figured to myself if they are coming out and saying this, imagine the technology they have in that they are not telling us. I also figured that if the Asians have this, what does the U.S military have as well? Where am I going with this and what does my dream mean? Something big is about to happen on the planet, that we all can be sure of. I am not 100% sure of what my dream means and to be honest, I am not going to ask God what it means until im done with this project that I am working on because I am sure when he tells me what it ALL means, that it will demand my full attention. I will say this to all believers: “we as brothers as sisters are one in Christ regardless of our differences in location, race, education, and social status and we HAVE to come together as one. We are commanded to do so because no one man, woman, or church has all the answers. I would welcome any comment that anyone would like to share concerning my dream and viewpoints!!..God Bless You!!

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